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Paul Kossoff Discography
  • Blue Horizon 63206 Champion Jack Dupree `When you feel the Feeling you was feeling?(Kossoff and Kirke August 1968) UK
  • Blue Horizon PR37 In our Way..Oldies but Goodies (One extra Song from Dupree Session, Spring 69) UK
  • Blue Horizon 7-63867 Martha Velez `Fiends and Angels again (3 Songs with Kossoff, Summer 1970) UK
  • Blue Horizon 2931-003 Mike Vernon `Bring it Back Home? (1 Song with Kossoff, 1971) UK
  • Island ILPS 9187 Jim Capaldi `Oh how we danced?(5 tracks Kossoff, February 1972) UK
  • Signpost SG 4253 Uncle Dog `Old Hat? (Kossoff, October 1972) UK
  • Island ILPS Back Street Crawler (Paul Kossoff solo December 1973) UK
  • DJM DJLPS 443 Amazing Blondel `Mulgrave Street?( Feature Bad Co minus P.Rodgers October 1974) UK
  • Island ILPS 9336 Jim Capaldi `Short Cut Draw Blood?(2 Songs Kossoff, May 1976) UK
  • Atlantic K 50173 Back Street Crawler `The Band plays On? (1975) UK
  • Atlantic K 50267 Back Street Crawler `Second Street? (1976) UK
  • DJM DJE 29002 KOSS (Paul Kossoff October 1977) UK
  • Polydor 2383-490 Jim Capaldi `The Contender? (1 track Kossoff, February 1978) UK
  • Street Tunes STLP001 Paul Kossoff `The Hunter?(April 81) UK
  • Street Tunes STLP002 Paul Kossoff `Leaves in the Wind? (December 1982) UK
  • Street Tunes STLP 0012PD Paul Kossoff Mr Big/Blue Soul (Lim.Edition Pic.Disc, December 1983) UK
  • Street Tunes SDLP 1002 Croydon June 15th 1975 LIVE !!!!!!(January 1984) UK
  • Island PKSP 100 Blue SOUL (1986) UK
  • The Hit Label AHLCD 31 The Collection (1995) UK
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