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6 Sep 05   Rare photo of Crawler (with Geoff Whitehorn on guitar)
6 Sep 05   Burning Sky
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4 Sep 05   Meeting up at Queen + PR Show
4 Sep 05   Message from Andy Fraser
4 Sep 05   Three dedicated Paul Rodgers Fans from Canada
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27 Aug 05   Free Tribute Band "Freeway"
27 Aug 05   Tons of Sobs tribute band play Japan's House of Rocks
27 Aug 05   Electric Shades of Blue
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7 July 05   Jones Gang
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Bad Company Goes Gold

 News from Audio Fidelty

The one and only

Bad Company


“Bad Company”


Street Date:                February 14, 2006



That is right. That is all the time we have to sell Bad Company’s historic album, “Bad Company” on the 24K+ format.  We have until September of this year and then no more Bad Company on 24K+.  Due to contractual restrictions, we only have the 8 months to sell this album.  We originally contracted for the album almost 2 years ago but it has taken us over a year to find the original master tapes.  Without a doubt, this is one of the most anticipated albums on this format in a long time.  Since we made the announcement Audio Fidelity was releasing Bad Company in the 24K+ format our phones have been ringing and the e-mails have constant from people who want to know when this album is going to be available.  Call me CRAZY for making this deal but the demand and the interest has convinced me the short period of time that we have to sell this album will only make the album a must have for consumers.  All the hits are here “Can’t Get Enough”, “Rock Steady”, “Ready For Love”, “Bad Company” and more.  This is the album that broke Bad Company and made Paul Rodgers an international superstar. 
 8 MONTHS is all we have so do not miss out!


Beau rocks Hotlanta

Beau Hall The Man

 The Myth, the Phone Is Ringing.

Beau writes.........

I was born in the ATL and I still live here dammit. I was on my daddy's shoulders when we marched for civil rights and no more Viet Nam War and damn I am old. My mom worked for Coretta and Martin Luther King Jr., my dad worked for SCLC, I've met Stevie Ray Vaughan and told him he is a God. I've done lots of stuff in my life, but it's all been accidental or coincidental.

There are very few things in my life that I set out to do, and then actually fully accomplished... my kids, my wife, and this damn music. When I was 7 I knew I was going to rock. I loved the Jackson 5 and Stevie Wonder and the Rolling Stones and then when I went all teen and shit, I knew even more that, no matter what I did with my life, it would include me, on a stage, with a guitar in my hand.

I'm not saying that, at 15, I knew I'd be playing this kind of music. At the time, I think, my goal was to rock "My Sharona" for two hours straight. What the hell did I know? I digress.

My point here is that, no matter whatever happens to me, I'm here. I did my thing. I could stop playing tomorrow and I wouldn't complain too much because of the blast I've had with my life. Why am I suddenly writing this like I've got cancer? I don't have cancer. I think I'm just at this odd crossroads in my life right now.

 I love this music. Love it. That's all I'm saying.



UNH! is the first solo CD by Beau Hall. Recorded at Exocet Studios in Atlanta, produced by Beau and Matthew Knights.

Please Listen to tracks here

Buy here if you dig it & check out Beau's Myspace here

Dean Howard - Volume One

Highly Recommend - Lucy

Dean Howard - Volume One


Born: 7.5.1961
SE London


 The Hardest Way


Poles Apart

Second Movement In C Maj

What I Need



To buy the album please follow the link below :


Dean Howard picked up a guitar for the first time when he was a boy aged eleven. He was hooked! Not to put too fine a point on it & in the words of the song by Foreigner "he didn't know how to play it but he knew for sure"
Deans first real foray into the world of music & band life was with BLACK ALICE AN Australian heavy metal band from perth,this was short lived & was also an introduction to the joys of air travel. "not something I enjoyed I have to admit" Says Dean now.
This was followed by some session work for ' Right Said Fred' (this was before they became known by that name).Then in 1987 he got a break when he joined T'Pau.
Now, T'pau burst onto the music scene in 1987 with the hits 'Heart & Soul' & 'China in your hand' in the UK & US charts, both songs being lifted from their debut album 'Bridge Of Spies,' Dean, although not a member of the band on the release of the album, was quickly recruited as full time guitarist! Mainly because Carol Decker recognized the need for a harder edge to their sound in the live arena.
When T'Pau disbanded, Dean's reputation had grown & had also transcended genres so when none other than Ian Gillan of DEEP PURPLE gave him a call, saying he was looking to put a touring band together & record some demos & would Dean be interested the answer was of course, yes! The resulting band was christened REPO DEPO & some demos were indeed committed to tape. These songs are yet to see the light of day it has to be said but with 'GILLAN'S INN' due to hit the racks in 2006 who knows!
Dean worked with Ian Gillan for the best part of a year forging a friendship that endures to this day. When Ian returned to Deep Purple it was time to branch out alone & with a band that Dean felt had the makings of becoming "what I really wanted" so in 1995 Dean formed the band 'The Herbs' with bassist extraordinaire Russell Kennedy. This band recorded one album and undertook three European tours. Sadly nothing else was to come of this.
In 1996 with a growing reputation he again had a call from a stellar name, BAD COMPANY !! It seemed that they were a man down for the American leg of their tour & would Dean like to help them out for a 13 week stint? The answer was again a resounding yes!
So it was off, for, in Deans words " A blast" But when Simon Kirke decided to take some time off, Dean took this as a perfect opportunity to spend more time with his family, however the break turned out to be longer than anyone imagined it would be!
EIGHT YEARS to be precise!
2004 saw the welcome return OF DEAN Howard & the inception of The Dean Howard Band.
An acclaimed debut album was recorded which features guest vocalists of some repute, namely IAN GILLAN,TOBY JEPSON & DANNY BOWES OF THUNDER! The album was promptly awarded seven out of ten by CLASSIC ROCK magazine also the opening slot on the DEEP PURPLE,PETER FRAMPTON & THUNDER TOUR was offered & duly accepted.
A busy period indeed for the new band.
the future looks bright for Dean Howard again, he is set to guest on Ian Gillan's forthcoming album', which is in celebration of the great mans career on the road & includes some of the great artists he has worked with in that time, Dean is included in such dignified company on merit.

Lee Barnett
Decemebr 05

Bad Company 1996

Frankie Miller New Website


Two Amazing cds


Multi-instrumentalist, Gerry Geoghegan is the band's guitarist and has an amazing CV, which spans Rock, Folk and most contemporary forms of music to be found in Scotland today. His playing is magical, full of feeling as well as being powerful and steeped in his ever-changing eclectic taste.

Elaine McCombe's bass playing, which is driving and full of subtlety, complements this. Elaine originally played with the Glasgow-based, all-girl Folk group Tullibardine. She also plays guitar when RISE performs live, as well as providing lovely vocal harmonies.

Kris Manvell has been in the engine room of many Rock and Punk bands on the London circuit. Kris plays drums and percussion on the album as well as some keyboard noodling.

The band's sound is given cohesion and meaning by the stunning vocals of Debbie Dawson. Debbie brings genuine feeling to the songs and her performance is passionate and beautiful. The band is the perfect vehicle for her voice.


Uncertain Wonders
This is a stunning debut from the eclectic Scotland-based band, and it`s getting a lot of well-deserved air play around the globe. Original, inventive, very musical, and highly evocative, this is a band that is going places



Brady Cole News

Brady Cole News
17th Dec 2005
Breaking News

Dave Tells BRADY COLE "you are Awsome and kicked ass out there tonight."



Message from Brady Cole:

 Monday night was amazing and we played to around 5,000 people.Who got right behind us from start to finsh,we thank you for that, When we came off stage, Dave Grohl and the rest of the guys had been watching and Dave came over and introduced himself and said he thought we were amazing that we kicked ass. We had a great party with them after and Dave actually gave us the go ahead to play Earls Court with them this weekend. Unfortunately, with such short notice not all the involved parties "Promoters-Support band management etc"could not be contacted for the okay but we have been told by the Foo Fighters camp, we will be in with a shout for a full tour next album and that this will not be the last of FOO FIGHTERS-BRADY COLE.

we would like to thank everyone that came in to the hall to see us and everyone else for their support.also all the people on our websites official and myspace who posted wishing us good luck before the show and for the cracking comments after the show.

 Hopefully 2006 will be the year for us and some record company will take notice and sign us up.

Please keep checking for gigs and bring all your friends along we will be adding more shows soon.

Take Care.

Brady Cole


New Duke Videos

Fozzy in Oz
Fozzy in Oz


Free will and the bad influences


New young band 

Together since the start of 2005 we've established ourselves on the Cambridge pub circuit and have built up a good solid following. We've done this not by pimping ourselves out to every promoter/venue in the city (we've only just recently got a demo recorded), but by starting with a couple of open mic/new band nights and letting our reputation grow through word of mouth.


Our biggest influence is without doubt the British rock band Free, but we've also taken inspiration from bands including Reef and The Meters. We play our own tunes, in a style we like to call groove rock - a blend of classic rock and blues with a shot of funk.

Paul Rodgers Sound Clips


Sound clips from Paul's collection

Voices in the Wind - CD Cover
Voices in the Wind
. .
337811_CD Various Artists - British Rock Symphony

British Rock Symphony

Various Artists

Original Release:  1999
# of Discs:  1
UPC # 73145380062
J&R Item # 337811_CD
Label: Point Music
Release Date: 10/19/1999
Out of Stock, click for details

Performer: Various Artists
Distributor: Universal Distribution
Track Details
Disc: 1
1. Kashmir - Roger Daltrey/Ann Wilson sound samples  real  |  windows media
2. While My Guitar Gently Weeps - Nigel Kennedy sound samples  real  |  windows media
3. Comfortably Numb - Thelma Houston sound samples  real  |  windows media
4. Norwegian Wood - Paul Rodgers/Ann Wilson sound samples  real  |  windows media
5. Ruby Tuesday - Thelma Houston sound samples  real  |  windows media
6. Peace Suite: Imagine / Penny Lane / Blackbird / Give Peace A Chance / Come Together - Paul Rodgers sound samples  real  |  windows media
7. Another Brick In The Wall, Part 2 - Eric Burdon sound samples  real  |  windows media
8. Stairway To Heaven - Ann Wilson sound samples  real  |  windows media
9. Let It Be - Roger Daltrey/Thelma Houston sound samples  real  |  windows media
10. Celebration Suite: Start Me Up / Hard Day's Night, A / 515: / See Me Feel Me / Listening To You - Alice Cooper/Tommy Shaw sound samples  real  |  windows media
107575_CD Buddy Guy - Feels Like Rain

Feels Like Rain

Buddy Guy

Original Release:  1993
# of Discs:  1
UPC # 01241414982
J&R Item # 107575_CD
Label: Silvertone Records (USA)
Release Date: 03/09/1993

Performer: Buddy Guy
Artist: Paul Rodgers; Bonnie Raitt; Travis Tritt; John Mayall
Engineer: Tony Platt; Dave McNair
Producer: John Porter
Distributor: BMG
Track Details
Disc: 1
5. Some Kind Of Wonderful - (with Paul Rodgers) sound samples  real  |  windows media
109498_CD Various Artists - Stone Free: Tribute To Jimi Hendrix

Stone Free: Tribute To Jimi Hendrix

Various Artists
Limit 2 per customer

Original Release:  1993
# of Discs:  1
UPC # 09362454382
J&R Item # 109498_CD
Label: Reprise
Release Date: 11/16/1993
Usually ships in 1 - 2 business days
Performer: Various Artists
Distributor: WEA
Track Details
Disc: 1
10. I Don't Live Today - Slash/Paul Rodgers/The Band Of Gypsys sound samples  real  |  windows media
531137_CD Jools Holland & His Rhythm ... - Friends 3 *

Friends 3

Jools Holland & His Rhythm ...

Original Release:  2004
# of Discs:  1
UPC # 08122765592
J&R Item # 531137_CD
Label: Rhino Records (USA)
Release Date: 09/14/2004
Performer: Jools Holland & His Rhythm ...
Artist: Buddy Guy; Smokey Robinson; Solomon Burke; Eric Clapton; Shane MacGowan; Steve Earle; Nick Cave; Paul Rodgers
Distributor: WEA
Track Details
Disc: 1
9. I Told The Truth - (with Paul Rodgers) sound samples  real  |  windows media
390846_CD Don Covay & Friends - Adlib


Don Covay & Friends

Original Release:  2000
# of Discs:  1
UPC # 63642291162
J&R Item # 390846_CD
Label: Cannonball Records
Release Date: 09/19/2000

Performer: Don Covay & Friends
Artist: Kim Simmonds; Wilson Pickett; Lee Konitz; Huey Lewis; Frederick Knight; Ann Peebles; Syl Johnson; Otis Clay
Producer: Jon Tiven
Distributor: n/a
Track Details
Disc: 1
2. Mercy Mercy - (featuring Paul Rodgers) sound samples  real  |  windows media


Geoff Whitehorn

Elkie Brooks - Electric Lady

CD £9.99 
Elkie Brooks (View Discography)

Electric Lady (1xCD) Sample track is bad quality - Cd sounds super

Released: March 14, 2005


  1. Outta The Rain
  2. Electric Lady
  3. Muddy Water Blues
  4. Try Harder
  5. Roadhouse Blues
  6. Groom Still Waiting At The Altar
  7. So Good Looking
  8. Trailer Trash
  9. The Brighter Side
  10. White Girl Lost In The Blues
  11. Back Away

Local "Young" Talent In Atlanta

At 14, Brett is being called a guitar prodigy by many in the Atlanta area music scene.
Schooled in Blues, Rock, and Jazz, he is able to improvise wtih the best of them.
Shortly after getting his first guitar, only 2 short years ago, he was
able to master the fret board and begin the quest of developing
his own unique style
Let's keep an eye our for young Brett !!!!!
To Support Brett , drop him message
for encouragement.

Experience Ollie Halsall

 Ollie Halsall
Ollie may not have been the
best guitarist in the world, but he
was certainly among the top two"

John Halsey

To find more about Ollie go to

The Led Free Experience





Tickets : £10.00  Tickets here on line

(Booking fees may apply to non-cash ticket sales, including online sales)

Doors open at 7:00pm!



Wolverhampton is situated and clearly sign posted from the M6 motorway.

Travelling from the South leave at Junction 10 and from the North Junction 13 ,

proceed to the town centre , where the Civic Hall and Civic Centre (adjacent buildings) are clearly sign posted.


Jones Gang News



* * * 
The Jones Gang’s Label, AAO/Reality, Is A Marketing Partner

With The East Coast Based Airline, Whose Prompt Action

Inspires Major American Carriers To Follow Suit


            The three members of The Jones Gang, the pop/rock supergroup whose hit single “Angel” is currently in the upper reaches of several major music charts, may be a Pond away in Great Britain, but jets bearing their likeness on the fuselage and the tail were among the first to evacuate Americans from the hurricane stricken Mexican resort city of Cancun.

The band’s record label, AAO Music/Reality, is partner in a joint marketing venture with USA 3000, the East Coast based airlines who put 13 flights into Cancun yesterday to evacuate 1,830 tourists who were on holiday there when Hurricane Wilma struck, devastating the popular Caribbean vacation destination. Evacuees were flown to various cities around the country. In the wake of USA 3000’s efforts, several major American carriers quickly followed suit. American Airlines has sent five flights in today, October 26.

“We are proud to be involved with this wonderful airline which is making such an important difference in this time of great distress,” says Kenney Jones, the band’s founder, a legend in British rock circles by virtue of his longtime associations with The Small Faces, The Faces and The Who. “Even though we are far away, our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims of this terrible tragedy. We’re pleased that planes with our image are being employed in such a crucial humanitarian effort. The Jones Gang is very much with them in spirit.”

To help promote The Jones Gang’s debut recording Any Day Now, AAO Music partnered with the Philly-based USA 3000 Airlines to emblazon the band’s album cover on all of its 14 aircraft. The group’s logo and album title appear on the tail, while the drawing of the band by legendary guitarist (and guest on the project) Ron Woods appears on the fuselage. The label is also partnered for the marketing push with Trans World Entertainment, the largest music retailer in the U.S.

“Angel” is the first single released The Jones Gang, whose members also include Rick Wills (Foreigner, Peter Frampton’s Camel) and singer Robert Hart (Bad Company).  The song is currently enjoying major chart success, perched at #1 on ACQB, #38 on Billboard’s Adult Contemporary Radio chart

and #2 on Billboard’s Hot 100 Singles Sales Chart.  

# # #

For more information on The Jones Gang, contact:
Steve Levesque or James Levesque at Luck Media & Marketing, Inc. at (310) 860-9170,,,

Duke and Fozzy 

Congratulations to
Mike Martin and The Duke and the band  from Atlanta
See this awesome footage

Check out some behind-the-scenes footage from Fozzy's first-ever tour of Australia.

Taken from Rich's own footage and edited by The Duke himself!

Press here
Fozzy in Oz

2005 TOUR

Wednesday,Oct. 12
Bradford, UK.

Tix: GBP£9  
Thursday, October 13
Stoke, UK.

Tix: GBP£8  
Friday, October 14
Patti Pavilion,
Swansea, UK.
Tix: GBP£8 
Saturday, October 15
Voodoo Lounge,
Dublin, Ireland.
Tix: EUR€15
Sunday, October 16
Tix: GBP£10
Monday, October 17
Tix: GBP£8
Tuesday, October 18
Newcastle, UK.
Wednesday, October19
The Welly,
Hull, UK. 
Tix: GBP£9
Thursday, October 20
Brighton, UK.
Tix: GBP£8.50
Friday, October 21
The Charlotte,
Leicester, UK.
Saturday, October 22

Southend-on-Sea, UK.
Sunday, October 23
The Waterfront,
Norwich, UK. 
Tix: GBP£8
Monday, October 24
The Zodiac,
Oxford, UK.
Tix: GBP£9
Monday, November 14
Ottawa, ON
Tuesday, November 15
Hamilton, ON
Wednesday, November 16
Thursday, November 17
Barrie, ON
Friday, November 18
The Opera House
Toronto, ON
Saturday, November 19
London, ON
Friday, December 2
The Social
Orlando, FL
Saturday, December 3
Free Bird Café
Jacksonville, FL
Sunday, December 4
The Beta Bar
Tallahassee, FL



Many of our readers of Allrightnow are talented themselves.!!!
Each few weeks I will feature some of our PAUL RODGERS fans
If you wish to be included, send me your details and hopefuly we can feature you too. !!
Be warned - I do have a waiting list
But who's in a hurry ?
Enjoy Fan Spotlight No. 1
Quinlan logo
Paul Rodgers fan Kevin from London
Musical Experience
Formally trained as a pianist, Quinlan is also trained as a baritone vocalist under the tuition of Tona De Brett.

Quinlan has been a professional musician, and songwriter, since 1983, accumulating over twenty years
experience of live concerts, both in and around the London pub and club scene, and national tours.

Released his first C.D. Album, “Soul Searching” in 1991, which received rave revues by both
the press and live music fans alike, and subsequently gained air time on both radio one and independent radio stations.

Session Work
Strange - albums: Moonchild, Templecool - E.P:Strange
Rivergirl - album: Rivergirl - E.P:That’s alright with me
M.C. Styles - single: Who’s that lady
The L.A Band - album: The “Midnight Hour” Sessions
The Rizz - E.P: Girl plays rough
Disciples of Groove - album: Positive Vibe

Acting Experience
Quinlan has also trained as an actor having studied at The City Lit College, Holburn, gaining parts in T.V. shows such as : Eastenders, The Bill,
Family Affairs, Holby City, Casualty, Undercover Heart, Drop the Dead Donkey, Spooks, Henry 8th Red Dwalf, and many others
   She's with me
   Listen (broadband) | Listen (56k dial-up)
Shelter from the storm
   Listen (broadband) | Listen (56k dial-up)


Aruba Meeting Place


for fans travelling to ARUBA to see QPR
Meet Lucy & Rob on  Sat  8th Oct 10am for breakfast at the
Aruba restaurants
 at the Manchebo Hotel
Ask Waitress to direct you to the Meeting Place


Fire and Water Tribute Band (USA)

The Ultimate Musical Celebration of Paul Rodgers & Bad Company
First show on the road
Summer on Trade
 "Music in the Streets"-
 An Outdoor Community Music Series

Saturday, September 24th at 7:00 - 8:15 pm
located in the Arts District, 6th and Trade Street
Winston Salem, North Carolina  -  
 Food, Arts, Music Spirits and Fun!
More info on festival can be found at
Maybe fans near or in  NC can meet up to support them


Allrightnow welcomes Echolyn Welcomes
The Theatrical sound of ECHOLYN
ECHOLYN were my favorite local band in Philidelphia in the 80s
I used to drag :-) Rob to the local gigs to see them.
After years of playing, at last they venture on their first European tour.
I am so proud of these guys, it shows you must believe .
I still think after all these years this band is very cool
Ray and all Congratulations on keeping the spirit with the band
echolynThe End is Beautiful
SOUND CLIP 3 to download Meaning of the moment
Movie Trailer of DVD Takes a few mins to download
Video Clip Make me Sway  Also takes a few mins to download, worth the wait though
Reviews welcome


Rare photo of Crawler (with Geoff Whitehorn on guitar)

Burning Sky

BURNING SKY new name for BC Tribute   
JOHNNY LAW gives tribute band a new name

Burnin' Sky is brought to you by: Johnny Law, Jeff Merrill,
 Gary Lightning and Jeff Flanders
of Rock'em Right Entertainment
Next gig:-
Doc's Landing: October 1st, 2005 Oakdale, MN
w/special guest: "EXPECTING FRANK" (vareiety rock band)


Marty in Mississippi

This was your entry in our Meeting place
Let us know you are safe
Thank you Marty
Marty from Mississippi.
 "Let me just say how wonderful I think the site is. Y'all have done a really great job with it. I am a huge Bad Co fan and have all their CD's. I would just like to meet other people who have the same interest as I do of the best group of all time and one of the best voices of all time in Paul Rodgers. Thanks so much, Rob and Lucy, for giving us fans of them a chance to share the greatness they are


Meeting up at Queen + PR Show

QUEEN + PR show in New Jersey.
For those attending drop me an email and we can all meet up at
the venue. Suggestions for meeting place are welcome. 

Three dedicated Paul Rodgers Fans from Canada

The Ballad of Free

The Ballad of Free

Free Tribute Band "Freeway"

Free Tribute band
Freeway will be appearing at Newcastle City Hall UK on 9 December 2005
as part of a Christmas rock concert also featuring Black Rose (Thin Lizzy tribute)
and The Force.
If anyone wants information or tickets, they should contact John .
Tickets are £12 each.

Paul Rodgers T-Shirt

Paul Rodgers T-Shirt,

available in three sizes - Girls Medium, Mens Medium, Large and X-Large.

Price £20.00
Paul Rodgers T-Shirt on qenPaul Rodgers T-Shirt detailed image one
PR Tour Shirt now available

Electric Shades of Blue


Electric Shades of Blue






Saturday, August 27th, 8:00 PM
ESB will be the special guest of Brett Michaels - lead singer for Poison!
Napavine Amphitheater
Tickets available here!

Saturday, September 10th, 3:00 PM!
Bellingham Public Market Grand Opening
1530 Cornwall Avenue, downtown Bellingham - free concert!!


Jones Gang Reviews


The Jones Gang


The Jones Gang album may be one of the most complete Pop/Rock albums I've heard in quite a while. It just proves that great artists are still making great music

Mark LaSpina - FMQB

The Jones Gang, with their debut album Any Day Now, prove that rock isn't dead. Drummer Kenney Jones, singer-guitarist Robert Hart, and bassist Rick Wills have made the kind of record you don't hear too much anymore -- one with great songs, great playing, and great execution, and without the kind of modern studio trickery that passes for craft.

With their respective pedigrees -- Jones with The Small Faces, The Faces, The Who, and The Law; Hart as Paul Rodgers's replacement in Bad Company; and Wills with Frampton's Camel, Foreigner, and latter-day Bad Company and Small Faces lineups -- you'd expect a certain amount of professionalism, since they've written and recorded some of the best-known tracks in rock history. However, the combination of these men, along with special guests including Bad Company lead guitarist Dave "Bucket" Colwell and Jones's mates from The Faces, guitarist Ron Wood and keyboardist Ian McLagan, is much more than the sum of its parts. They have managed to make music that is both familiar and current. And they do this without any misguided attempt at forcing modern sounds or production elements into the mix.

Simply put, Any Day Now is a great album. And if The Jones Gang is this good out of the blocks, I can hardly wait to see what comes next.

Bruce Simon
Head Writer/Classic Rock Format Manager
Launch Radio Networks
New York






 "All the vibe, sweat, and supreme guitar ferocity of transcendent rock."
 "Melodic, surprising, and inspirational the way great rock USED to be!"

"Great songs, fabulous production, and kick-ass guitars. How many ways 
canwe say we love this!"

 "Soaring and passionate. An almost cinematic experience of sound."

 "All the balls, attitude, and soaring passion of great rock and roll --  
 the guitars RULE!"


Jones Gang arrival clip on USA 3000

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