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Paul Rodgers, the legendary voice behind Free, Bad Company, The Firm, and Law.

Since the release of his latest CD NOW, many references about Paul have appeared on the world wide web. Here is a collection of what we've found so far as well as links to information on our web site.

Paul's Official Home Page

Concert Reviews

Rumour is ..... Paul will be inducted into the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame

The FREE Page

The Bad Company Page

Twentyfour Facts about The Voice

Chat with Paul Rodgers on Y'all, the "Webzine of the South"

Live in the House of Blues - the concert is stored in the Archive

Interview in the Swedish FUZZ Magazine  (no worry, the interview IS in English)

Interview in the Rock Village, the classic rock magazine on the web

Interview in Scene Magazine Online

Tim Donahue / Paul Rodgers CD Voices in the Wind

Tim Donahue / Paul Rodgers Voices in the Wind sound clip

Lucy's Encounters

Lucy's Photo Galleries

Now Tour - Newcastle City Hall

Making a Difference - Song for Paul

Howard Leese touring with Paul Rodgers

Discographies: Free,  Bad Company,  Paul Rodgers

Check our News section with numerous items about Paul.

ROCKTOYS: Memorabilia

As far as the printed media goes, Paul has been featured in Goldmine magazine's issue of October 24, 1997.

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