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News in 2004
21 Mar 04   Rare Unreleased Blues with Koss
21 Mar 04   Kossoff Charity Review
17 Mar 04   New Forum now open
14 Mar 04   Freeway Tribute to Paul Kossoff
14 Mar 04   Off The Record with Uncle Joe Benson
14 Mar 04   Phil Hilborne
8 Mar 04   Hendrix Tribute Reviews
8 Mar 04   Wildflower Festival
8 Mar 04   San Joaquin Fair
8 Mar 04   John Glover Book
8 Mar 04   Standing on the Edge
22 Feb 04   Paul Rodgers Plays Florida
22 Feb 04   Carlos Santana
22 Feb 04   Paul Rodgers New Show Added
22 Feb 04   Live Interview with Paul Rodgers coming soon
22 Feb 04   The Merchants
22 Feb 04   First American BC Tribute Band
22 Feb 04   Ronnie Lane Memorial Concert
12 Feb 04   Paul Rodgers Video Clips *updated*
12 Feb 04   Andy Fraser Video Clip coming soon
12 Feb 04   Janah Video Clips
7 Feb 04   Tickets for Sale
7 Feb 04   Paul and the Hendrix Tribute
7 Feb 04   TOMMY ALLEN of Trafficker
7 Feb 04   R & R Hall of Fame
7 Feb 04   Janah begin 2004 Tour
7 Feb 04   Simon Kirke Shows in Denver
24 Jan 04   Paul Rodgers New Dates
24 Jan 04   Mick Ralphs News
24 Jan 04   Mick Ralphs Tours
24 Jan 04   Kossoff Charity Fundraising Event
24 Jan 04   Drum Magazine Exclusive Jeff Kathan - Part 1 - Part 2
24 Jan 04   The Last Fling
17 Jan 04   Paul Rodgers Tickets Now on Sale
11 Jan 04   Derek St. Holmes Live in Atlanta
11 Jan 04   Allrightnow Office Video Clip
3 Jan 04   Lucy's Birthday Bash Video Clips
2 Jan 04   Allrightnow Video Clips

Rare Unreleased Blues with Koss

Listen to PAUL JONES at the BBC 1 hour show
Go to more info on this show
Broadcast on Paul Jones BBC Radio 2 show on Thursday 18 March,
 a previously unrealeased PAUL KOSSOFF- Jack Dupree track
-Juke Box Jump. Log onto  and skip forward 35 mins.
Time about 19.33
Please note .Available only until 24 March. On the BBC
Artists included in programme are:-
Fleetwood Mac Duster Bennett, Eddie Boyd Champion Jack Dupree, Chicken Shack, George Smith & Bacon Fat, Christine Perfect


Kossoff Charity Review

IN AID Of 'The Paul Kossoff Fund'   19th March 2004
 The gig was most enjoyable.  The venue was a very quaint old seaside theatre, about 60 miles from where I live.  DC started the night off by introducing the first act - a Hendrix tribute called Purple Haze.  Well, the guy who was "Jimi" was pretty impressive - I'm not sure what nationality he was, possibly Vietnamese - and he was playing the "Hendrix" reversed Strat.  He certainly had all the licks and the voice too, with some of the showmanship - playing with his teeth, etc.  The drummer and bassist looked out of place, though - they hadn't really made much of an effort to dress the part, and the bass was some horrible modern thing - should have had a Fender Precision or something similar.  Certainly, I could see "Jimi" getting a different rhythm section, because he really outshone his current pair.  Right from the start, there were quite a few people dancing, which continued throughout the night.
Then it was announced that DC and David Kossoff would be hanging around on the floor to give people an opportunity to speak to them.  I had planned to speak to DC, but I was just too shy - silly me.  Then, David Kossoff got on the stage and said a little piece about his son and the history of the Paul Kossoff fund, before introducing Freed.
I'd seen the band a few months before and was quite impressed.  The bassist particularly was excellent I remember, but they'd had trouble getting a guitarist and the guy I had seen was a stand-in, because their regular guitarist was touring with another band.  The stand-in guy had done well, but was not Koss in style.  Anyway, this time they announced that they would be having a couple of guest guitarists.  They started with (I'm guessing) their new guy, who was competant but not really Koss enough for me.  They did about five songs with him (can't remember exactly which ones - I'll give you a rough set list at the end) and then came the highlight of the evening - their second guitarist, John Buckley (?)
- he was simply AWESOME!  He was sort of dressed as "Isle of Wight" Koss, had the hair, had the natural-fronted Les Paul and his playing.... just absolutely Kossoff.  Seriously, it sounded exactly like him, the tone, the riffs, the solos - just BRILLIANT.  I could see DC peeping out of this curtain backstage and heartily applauding!  I'm guessing that this guy was their original guitarist.  Then on came the stand-in guy who I'd seen a few months earlier - he was also helping on the sound desk - he had certainly improved and you could see he was digging the Koss style and the music.
The band were asked to do a couple of encores and it was half past midnight before I left to drive back home through thick fog.  OK, I'll try and remember what songs they played... Remember, Fire & Water, Mr Big, Don't Say You Love Me, All Right Now, Walk In My Shadow, The Hunter, I'll Be Creeping, Woman, Be My Friend, The Stealer, Songs of Yesterday.
By Andy Kneale UK



Freeway Tribute to Paul Kossoff


The ultimate FREE tribute band

will be appearing at




SATURDAY, 20th. March 2004

7:30 pm – 12:00 pm


Third annual event to

Celebrate the music of



with special guests


Tickets £5 available at ‘The ALEXANDRA’

Tel. 0191 5672774

or contact John at

for further details.


Visit our website

Phil Hilborne

Phil Hilborne
Frankfurt Music Messe
Frankfurt, Germany

with - Nicko McBrain, Jaz Lochrie and Geoff Whitehorn
30th & 31st March 2004
1st 2nd & 3rd April 2004
in May 2004 at Wembley
Nicko McBrain, Jaz Lochrie and Geoff Whitehorn
Sat 8th London Music Show
Wembley Conference Centre

Map 11:30
Sun 9th London Music Show
Wembley Conference Centre

Map 2:00
Jaz Lochrie
Geoff Whitehorn/Andy Frost/Nicko McBrain
and Phil Hilborne ~ Paste clinic ~ Frankfurt

©2004 Phil Hilborne Band

Please note if Procol Harem are touring then Geoff will be on that tour and not

appear at Wembley


 Phil Hilborne has just done a 'Play Like' article on Paul Kossoff for Guitar
Techniques magazine - it will be out in the april 04 issue. I wrote an ah
la' Kos piece - with a short solo in it - it should be of interest to anyone
who want's to get into that style of playing.




Wildflower Festival




Wildflower Festival

The  Arts & Music Festival Will take place

 May 7-9, 2004, in Richardson, Texas

just a few minutes north of Dallas! Times of artists to be announced

Wildflower! is an award-winning multi-day, multi-stage, eclectic music festival that draws over 50,000 attendees!

Many artists will be at this festival

Names are being added all the time.


San Joaquin Fair




John Glover Book

John Glover 
John wrote to me with this message
"I am in the final stage of writing a book about my experiences in the Music business and of course Free feature a great deal in it."


Standing on the Edge

Standing on the Edge   Made June 1982
New Remaster out now!!! With Added live tracks
Frankie Miller - Standing On The Edge
1.Danger Danger  Written by FM
2.Standing on the Edge Written by Andy Fraser and Frankie Miller
3.Zap Zap Written by Andy Fraser and Frankie Miller
4.To Dream the dream Written by FM
5.Don't Stop Wrtten by Andy Fraser and Frankie Miller
6.Angels with Dirty Faces Written by FM
7.Firin'Line  Written by John Moon Martin, Pat Robinson & FM
8.Jelousy Written by Frankie Miller
9.It's all coming down Tonight Written by Andy Fraser and Frankie Miller
10.On my way  Written by Andy Fraser and Frankie Miller

Paul Rodgers Plays Florida

Paul Rodgers
& John Kay & Steppenwolf  will be appearing at the
 Gulfstream Park in Florida

901 S. Federal Highway

Hallandale , FL 33009

Saturday  March 13th 2004



Carlos Santana

 Thursday 26th Feb

Paul Rodgers New Show Added

Friday, September 3, 2004
Dakota Sioux Casino
Watertown, SD
Note : Outdoor concert
Tickets not yet on sale.
They will be available direct from the casino
From Interstate-29, take the Waverly Exit 185. Casino is West, 4 miles from Interstate.
Nearest airport:  Watertown- with flights coming in
from Minneapolis or Soux Falls SD
Watertown is approx  90 miles from Sioux Falls
and approx 120 miles from  Fargo ND



Live Interview with Paul Rodgers coming soon

link to WRFG 89.3 Atlanta
UK Bob who runs a British Blues radio show
in Atlanta has been working on a 40-50 mins
showcase strarring Paul Rodgers. Bob will
be interviewing Paul Live !!
Keep this link saved as you will be able to hear
the show live on the internet.
We shall announce when the show airs.
In the meantime tune into UK Bob every Thursday
6-8am Atlanta time. 11am-1pm Uk time


UK Bob's website

When a date and time is arranged, I'll announce it on the website.

The Merchants

The Merchants
Based in the UK
New Tribute Band to Paul Rodgers

Taking their name from the 2002 Bad company tour “The merchants of cool”, The Merchants have spent the past year creating and rehearsing a impressive set of songs in tribute to their life long rock heros “Free” “Bad Company” and Paul Rodgers.


Friends and musicians for many years this five piece outfit from Stoke on Trent, England, have spent many years on the UK “rock and blues covers” circuit playing in various well known outfits such as: Bandana, Sodz Law and The Commitments.


The five-piece format includes Andy Wooton on lead vocals and harmonica, Dave Teague on Lead Guitar, Vernon Charles on Bass Guitar, Roger Clift on Keyboards and Chris Jackson on Drums.


With the first of many gigs already under their belts, The Merchants promise to entertain you with a night of classic British Rock music, faithfully reproduced and well performed in the style of their rock idols.


The Merchants

New British tribute band touring now
will be launching their new website shortly
Great voice and Great Band !
More info to come


First American BC Tribute Band

Welcome to
The Pack
A Tribute To 'Bad Company'

Ronnie Lane Memorial Concert

London Royal Albert Hall  Tickets still available  Check ticket availability

 Pop, Rock
One For The Road - The Ronnie Lane Memorial Concert London Royal Albert Hall
08 Apr 2004
Paul Weller, Pete Townshend, Ocean Colour Scene, Ronnie Wood, Ronnie Lane's Slim Chance, Jones Gang (Kenny Jones band)

The Jones Gang - Gary Granger Robert Hart Kenny Jones and Rick Wills

Tickets for Sale

Front Row Center
Friday 26th March
Chukchansi Gold Resort & Casino
Coarsegold, CA
If you have not bought tickets yet for this show
and want the BEST SEAT
contact me at
Please send me your phone number
 so I can contact you
Be quick !!

Paul and the Hendrix Tribute

Experience Hendrix, the company founded in 1995 by the Hendrix family to oversee the estate assets of Jimi Hendrix who died in 1970, has announced that a national tour of all-star artists performing Jimi Hendrix tribute concerts will launch in February, 2004.

Three concert dates and venues have been announced so far:


February 22, 2004, Seattle, Washington, at the Paramount Theater

February 24, 2004, Portland, Oregon, at the Roseland Theater

February 26, 2004, San Francisco, California, at the Warfield Theater

To further immortalize this rock icon, Experience Hendrix L.L.C., the family company dedicated to the preservation and promotion of the Hendrix legacy now joins forces with McFarlane Toys to create a collectible figure of Jimi Hendrix. Working to keep the spirit of Jimi alive through music, education and community involvement, Experience Hendrix sees this venture as an opportunity to create a tangible memento for Hendrix enthusiasts to enjoy. The figure is to be released in November 2003, 37 years after the formation of the Jimi Hendrix Experience in London on Oct. 12, 1966. The release also comes in celebration of what would have been Jimi's 61st birthday, Nov. 27.

This beautifully rendered and intricately detailed, six-inch action figure will come in a deluxe box set and a standard blister pack. The box set includes a replica of Jimi's six-string guitar and a custom base, memorializing Jimi's iconic stage presence at the historical Woodstock concert in August of 1969. The life-like figure recreates the persona of Jimi, dressed in his blue velvet pants and white fringed shirt, with the familiar scarf tied around his hair and another wrapped around his left leg. With his left-handed guitar strapped around his neck, the performer is leaning back from his mic stand in front of two amplifier stacks. The message spoken by this rendering is made clear by the hand of the guitarist raised, giving the "peace" sign to his adoring crowd. The base replicates an authentic section of the wooden stage with metal framing and a cloth awning. The scene is made complete with guitar effects pedals placed on the stage. The standard figure will include a guitar, smaller stage section, one amp stack, mic, mic stand and guitar effects pedals.

The Jimi Hendrix figure will be available at major music and specialty retailers, as well as select toy retailers. The anticipated price is $12 to $15, with the box sets estimated at a $20.

Image © 2003, Todd McFarlane Productions.


TOMMY ALLEN of Trafficker

This guy is impressive !!!!!
TOMMY ALLEN  of Trafficker
 I am thrilled  to hear someone young who really knows how to write GREAT music and PLAY awesome guitar!!!Trafficker deserve big audiences and  big venues. He will make it ..........
Play whole tracks to get
an idea of what he sounds like

R & R Hall of Fame

Judy Cain is a huge Free/Bad Company PR Fan.
She has been putting together all the signatures that
were sent to me to add to the RRHF voting board
She also has recently written a rock and roll book called
Rhythm Machine will be published in the next couple of
months. (more news on the book when it comes out)
Judy and I received many votes for sending off to the
and we are still collecting them, so keep mailing them in
There is now a home for the votes. See the link below.
We can do it.
If you still haven't signed in, do it now !!!!!!
A campaign by local author and long time fan Ms Julie Cain of Henderson Kentucky has taken on the administration and voting board of the Rock -N- Roll Hall Of Fame.
Questioning why singer song writer Paul Rodgers and the bands Free & Bad Company have not been inducted into the hallowed hall?
In her book The Rhythm Machine she states "Over the years they have dropped the ball many times, being motivated by the politics of the music machine, there seems to be a great deal of agreement as her web site
The Classic Rock Forum And Artist Outreach which offers fans a place to chat ask questions and learn about the activities of their favorite artist, as well as offers help to artist dealing with drug and alcohol problems, has logged countless votes in answer to her call to fans.

Also in agreement is Mister
Jeff Cornell of MTV who in a statement provide to Ms Cain states " This is a travesty, Paul Rodgers should have been inducted years ago".
Many on the web site seem to take it as an insult that Mister Rodgers and his band mates Simon Kirke, Paul Kossoff, Andy Frasier, of Free and Mick Ralphs, Simon Kirke, Boz Burrell of Bad Company have been over looked yet again in favor of this years inductees.
Many have expressed their dismay at Prince being inducted while what they feel is true rock and roll has been forgotten.

Ms Cain states " Free was without a doubt the best band of it's or any other time, formed in 1968 their music is still as good today as anything you hear being played, and still is being played 35 years later, has sold well over 20 million units, and produced the greatest rock anthem of all time in All Right Now, which still gets air time to the tune of over one million plays per year and that's just here in the U.S.
I ask you can Prince make this claim?
I am not saying Prince is without talent, he is a very talented artist, but he does not have the years invested as does Paul Rodgers and his band members from Free & Bad Company.
Bad Company formed in 1973 became one of the top Super Groups to ever set a stage, released 6 multi platinum albums, the talent in these artist has well passed the test of time, they deserve to be acknowledged,
This is suppose to be the Rock Hall Of Fame.

Throughout his career Paul Rodgers has sold over 125 Million units, his music is known world wide.
He has been the front man of Free, Bad Company, The Firm, The Law, as well as kept up a solo career in which he was Grammy nominated for his Muddy Waters Blues album.
Ms Cain is at present calling out to fan's to have their voices heard, and rattle the Halls a bit I want them to set up and take notice, the fans are speaking, and we are the ones that buy the music and the tickets, it is time to take out the politics of record producers and the music money machine, time to recognize true talent and the desire of the fans to see their music honored.
Thank You Judy for all your hard work on this project. Let the fans have a voice this time........................

Mick Ralphs News

Real-Music - bringing "Big Names to Small Places".....

Ian Hunter
& the Rant Band,
with special guest Mick Ralphs

Worthen Village Hall- Saturday 29th May
click here for map

yes, Shropshire's own Ian Hunter is "coming home" to play an intimate
gig, rounding off his UK tour in style.... the legendary frontman
from Mott the Hoople, with a string of highly acclaimed solo albums,
is back with his brilliant Rant Band, featuring Mick Ralphs guitar legend
from Mott the Hoople & Bad Company....

Tickets for this will be like gold - don't miss it!

Tickets... at £15 are now available - to order, email us at

info about how to buy by Credit Card will appear here within a few days


Mick Ralphs Tours

Mick Ralphs tours with Ian Hunter
Dates listed below
Date Venue Tickets
15 May  Cardiff Engine Rooms £12.50  WayAhead or TicketWeb or venue
16 May Leicester The Charlotte £12.00  WayAhead
17 May Northampton Roadmender £13.00  WayAhead
18 May Bilston Robin 2 £15.00  venue
20 May Liverpool Carling Academy   £14.00  WayAhead or TicketLine or TicketWeb
21 May Manchester Bierkeller £14.00  TicketLine
22 May Glasgow Garage £12.60  WayAhead  
23 May Edinburgh The Venue
24 May Preston The Mill £14.00  TicketLine
25 May Leeds Irish Centre
27 May Bristol Fleece and Firkin   £13.00  Bristol Ticket Shop  
28 May London Astoria £12.50  WayAhead or TicketMaster or TicketWeb
29 May Worthen Village Hall   £15.00  


Drum Magazine Exclusive Jeff Kathan

Part 1      Part 2

The Last Fling

A show took place on Sunday 4th January  2004
THE LAST FLING was held at the Guildford Civic Hall in the UK
Bands featured were Judy Tzuke - The Jones Gang featuring Kenney Jones (Who) on drums,
front man Robert Hart, bass Rick Wills (both from Bad Co), keyboards player from Big Country,
2 guitarists (one from Bad Co - Dave Bucket Colwell & one from Rod Stewart's band).
MC was the famous Bob Harris also Quite a few celebs in the audience including Patti Clapton & Geoff Whitehorn.
Top of the bill was Gary Brooker's band (which is basically Clapton's band) including Andy Fairweather Low.
 They had numerous guest singers including Colin Bluntstone, Paul Jones, Alvin Stardust, Leo Sayer .... oh yes... & EC.

Paul Rodgers Tickets Now on Sale

Tickets now on sale for Paul Rodgers Coarsegold, CA]Bad Company's Pa

Paul Rodgers Video Clips

All video clips require Windows Media Player.

Derek St. Holmes Live in Atlanta

Derek previously played with Ted Nugent.

All video clips require Windows Media Player.

Allrightnow Office Video Clip

This video clip requires Windows Media Player.

Lucy's Birthday Bash Video Clips

Please note that all songs were performed without rehearsals.

All video clips require Windows Media Player.

Allrightnow Video Clips

This is our first attempt to show you some of the artists on As time goes on, we hope to improve the sound quality. More video clips to come.

All video clips require Windows Media Player.

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