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News in 2003
15 June 03   New Frankie Miller Website
15 June 03   The Jones Gang
8 June 03   Heavy Load for sale
8 June 03   Video Clip Bad Company
8 June 03   Bad Company Pictures
8 June 03   Merchants Of Cool Review
8 June 03   New CRAWLER CD-Roots Chapter 1-due for release on 9 June 2003
8 June 03   Welcome back Andrew Black
26 May 03   Celebrating Lucy's 50th Birthday
17 May 03 Damien Rice
11 May 03 Interview with Simon Kirke! By Billy Donald
11 May 03 Are YOU the next BLUES IDOL?
11 May 03 Rock N' Roll Fantasy Camp - Win a VH1 Classic trip
11 May 03 New Website for Barry Richman
11 May 03 Aqualung Video
3 May 03   'Heavy Load' on the Road
3 May 03   Jim Copley playing Wembley
3 May 03   Club bombing in Tel Aviv
3 May 03   News on Jaz and Dave *updated*
3 May 03   Frankie Miller Soundclips *updated*
3 May 03   MSN Soundclips of Paul Rodgers
26 Apr 03   News on Bucket
26 Apr 03   Northwest Drummers set new World Record
26 Apr 03   The Famous ROUNDHOUSE Chalk Farm London
26 Apr 03   Bad Company Ringing Tones
26 Apr 03   Where in the world is Paul Jupp??
26 Apr 03
20 Apr 03   Bands from the 70s
20 Apr 03   Simon Kirke's Solo Performance starts Tuesday, April 22, in Chicago
20 Apr 03   Simon Kirke's Performance in Toronto has been postponed
20 Apr 03   PR sings Mr Big
13 Apr 03   German Website with Free / BC / PR
13 Apr 03   Fire and Water Tribute Band
13 Apr 03   Introducing Karnataka to Allrightnow
13 Apr 03   Eric Clapton Tribute Band
13 Apr 03   Lucy's Choice of Music
5 Apr 03   Dates announced for Simon Kirke

New Frankie Miller Website

The New Official Frankie Miller Website :
goes live at the previous address will also bring you to this website soon.
Please note this website will hold basic information only while we update the site.
More details and information about Frankie Miller will be added shortly including Biography, Discography, Gallery, Merchandise and Contact information.

The Jones Gang

From Room for Ravers

Kenney Jones has changed the name of his band from Big Face to The Jones Gang. In addition, Gary Grainger has been replaced on guitar by Dave "Bucket" Colwell. Colwell was in Humble Pie 2000 and played in the house band at the Steve Marriott Memorial Event in 2001. Along with Robert Hart and Rick Wills he was in the 1990s line-up of Bad Company. The Jones Gang is planning to tour the US during Sept 2003.

Heavy Load for sale

 Heavy Load: The Ultimate Story of FREE
Heavy Load: The Ultimate Story of FREE
Will be available for sale at the upcoming
Paul Rodgers shows.
Don't miss your chance to own this amazing  book
written by Todd Smith and David Clayton
Review:- worth the energy it takes to
 hold this big book up, June 11, 2001
What a great and in depth biography.
 if you like Free or any of its members,
 this is a must for your book shelf or coffee table.
 can't say enough good things about it
Reviewer: jules from texas

Welcome back Andrew Black

Welcome back Andrew Black
Andrew has a new website up and running
 Andrew is one of my favorite all-time singers

Damien Rice

 Damien Rice
Cotton Club Atlanta May 15th 2003

Tonight I went to see Damien Rice appear at the Cotton Club here in Atlanta. I had added some video footage of this singer/songwriter from Ireland some weeks ago. His voice and style appealed to me at once, but I had not heard any of his CDs. After seeing the video footage I bought my tickets to see him.

At first I was sad to learn only he was on and not him and his band, but after the very first song I didn't care about the band not being there, and in fact it showed how talented this guy is without any other musicians.

I have totally fallen in love with this guy's voice and performance. I had never seen an act like it. And I have been around a loooooooooong time.

He sang so many songs, lasting more than 90 minutes ... The audience were just in a trance like I was right through the show. He plays guitar with such perfection and creates sounds with these hi-tech pedals and you are just amazed the sound he makes. His songs were funny, sad, sexy and everything else. He is such a small guy, but has a huge huge talent.

He will be playing quite a few more shows before he returns to Ireland. Then he returns for a full tour with his band in Sept. I have NO doubt in my mind these shows will be very successful. Catch him while the crowds are small because soon everyone will know of Damien.


New Website for Barry Richman

At long last Barry has his website up and running.
Spend some time listening to some of Barry's sound clips.
And if you get a chance catch a live show

Especially if ANDREW BLACK

 is on vocals 
Drop Barry a message and tell him you found him on

Aqualung Video

AQUALUNG who appeared on the same Top of the Pops show as BAD COMPANY last Sept.2002

Aqualung Strange and Beatiful? Well, it's not for us to comment on the personal traits of Matt Hales, but they do nicely sum up the dark and twisted songs of Aqualung. We all know the single from that car ad but there's a lot more to Aqualung than just that one song...

Watch the video
Picture Gallery

'Heavy Load' on the Road

The brand new Free/Bad Co tribute band 'Heavy Load' are preparing to take their show out around the live circuit. The band feature Nick who was the former vocalist with Axis (as well as being ex-Nobodys Fool, and the very first singer for Sticky Fingers). The band was put together by Nick before Christmas, but the present line up was only finalised in February of this year. The group are currently rehearsing at Axe Victims studios in Gateshead and are just about ready to hit the road. Their very first date is at the Office on Friday the 2nd of May. It's in the downstairs room of the venue and admittance (just like the band) is free! Heavy Load do their very best to recreate the original sound and vibe of classic Free, but would also like to point out that a third of their set will also be centred on the music of Bad Company as well.

Club bombing in Tel Aviv

The club bombed in Tel Aviv is home of
Allrightnow band SOBO.
"Mikes Place", a Tel Aviv blues bar,
 was the scene of Tuesday night's suicide bomb attack.
The same club where SOBO play every Friday night.
Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families and friends
who were attacked by terrorists.  Please take the time
to sign the guest of of Mike's place.
Robert & Lucy
The message sent from Daniel of Sobo:
They just bombed Mike's Place,
it's where SOBO plays every Friday...

It's like I had a bomb in my living room...

I knew almost everybody there who got it bad...

It was an open jam session night, U can imagine that most of the people
there were musicians...

Jim Copley playing Wembley

Click for web siteM3 - Classic Whitesnake

Tony Martin - vocals 
Bernie Marsden - guitar 
Micky Moody - guitar 
Neil Murray - bass 
Josh Phillips - keyboards 
Jimmy Copley - drums

Neil Murray says:

As the latest lineup of Whitesnake does not play many of the classic songs of the late 70s and early 80s, M3 aims to be the band to fill that gap. The fantastic talents of Tony Martin (ex-Black Sabbath), Josh Phillips (ex-Big Country) and Jimmy Copley (ex-Paul Rodgers) will combine with Whitesnake founder members Bernie, Micky and Neil to play the Whitesnake songs that everyone wants to hear.

M3 is going on tour soon. Here are some dates we got, unfortunately without any venues.

26/04/03 Russia -- 08/05/03 Holland -- 09/05/03 Belgium -- 11/05/03 Wembley, London --  14/06/03 Portugal -- 04/07/03 Portugal -- 05/07/03 Germany -- 18/07/03 Portugal

There is also a new web page in the making.

News on Jaz and Dave

Jaz Lochrie & Dave Colwell Bucket will be appearing with the

at the Wembley Conference Center as part of the London Guitar Show on SUNDAY 11th May at 3.30pm. 


Photos used with the kind permission of Phil Hilborne.

Phil Hilborne is currently appearing in the Queens Musical in London.

News on Bucket

Bucket has been gigging with SPIKE from the the UK. He is on his solo album, to be released in the autumn. He has Jason Bonham on drums . It's a pretty kicking band they say..... Also, he is recording with KENNEY JONES on a new project (with old pal Rick Wills) which he says is real fun!!! check out the Quireboys website

Northwest Drummers set new World Record

Northwest drummers set new world record, with Jeff Kathan (Drummer of Paul's solo band), also see video clips.

The Famous ROUNDHOUSE Chalk Farm London

Here I saw bands like :- Pink Floyd, Traffic, Blodwyn Pig, Steamhammer
Quintessence, Blossom Toes, Edgar Broughton Band, Keith Relf Renaissance,
Soft Machine and lastly the Pink Fairies. Who I believe are at the last
show to be held at the Roundhouse as seen below.

This photo is the to be NEW Roundhouse.


Bad Company Ringing Tones

If you live in the UK you can request to have Bad Company ring on your phone, see this site for details

whatever next eh??

Where in the world is Paul Jupp??

I am still looking for Paul, someone must know him in the UK.?   

Here is a great British Rock station. Listen LIVE to music from the studio. Send in your PAUL RODGERS request, as they have already been playing my requests. Very cool Station. The more you send your requests the more you will hear PAUL or BAD COMPANY.

Bands from the 70s

Here are bands I saw back in the 70s. Oh boy!! Talk about bringing back memories !!!!! Lucy

PR sings Mr Big

Paul Rodgers sings MR BIG on Mr Big's cd

The Upcoming cd/dvd  is titled; Mr. Big Influences and Connections to be released by Universal International in Japan and possibly worldwide

Frankie Miller Soundclips

Visit the Frankie Miller Homepage

Be Good to Yourself

All of Frankie Miller's CDs are coming out around May and they will be re-mastered CDs with extra tracks. It's best to wait till then, ask your CD store to let you know when they are out. When they do get released I will tell you where you can pick up some copies of Scotland's No.1 blues/rock vocalist.

Frankie Miller sound clips from some of his albums. If you haven't gathered, Lucy has become a huge fan of his and I want to share his music with you.

Standing on the Edge

Once in the Blue Moon
Full House
1.Be good to yourself
2.The Doodle Song
3.Jealous guy
5.Love letters
6.Take good care of yourself
7.Down the Honkytonk
8.This love of mine
9.Let the candlelight shine
10.(I'll never) live in vain

The Rock


Falling in Love
Easy Money

Double Trouble


Introducing Karnataka to Allrightnow


Karnataka - click to visit their website
Pure Tranqility !!  Lucy Piller
Karnataka a modern progressive rock band from Swansea South Wales.
The combination of gentle ballards & epic sounding rock songs.
With the delightful voice of Rachel Jones, this band
seem to heading for the stars, you will certainly feel like you
have been on a journey after listening to them. 
Delicate flame of desire-  This cd is stunning !!

Lucy's Choice of Music

Music from the Soul !!
Hi Y'all from Atlanta. As you all know I enjoy sharing with you new music and artists who I come across.  First thank you to all the British fans who came out to see Motor City Josh.(from Atlanta) Their tour in the UK was terrific. And the fans loved them. Well done Josh.
What I have noticed in the last year or so more and more solo artists are surfacing.
Many from the UK.  First I noticed Aqualung and now I want to share with you the Irish singer DAMIEN RICE
His beautifully crafted songs are now coming to the States.  Check out his website at
Give his songs a listen, and I am sure you will be hooked like I was the first time I heard him.
At long last music (real music) is coming back..........So many artists NEED to be heard.  At times like this
we need to listen to good music.........
Listen to his lyrics & try and catch a show.............if they are not already sold out !!!!!!
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