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September 18, 1998

Review by Lucy Piller.

Paul RodgersOur dear Paul was in great form, as usual. Backing Paul on this gig was the Howard Leese Band from the West Coast. This time, Howard Leese was playing lead guitar. Must be honest, though, I did prefer the great Randy Hansen. Most of the songs they played were Bad Co material.


As you see by the pictures, Paul still has his goatie beard. And he is in such good shape -- WOW. What does he do to keep himself so fit?? This is the only picture of Paul on stage because I was too far back.


 Paul and Manager (12105 bytes)

Met Paul and his manager back stage with some other fans. Great meeting a cyber friend by chance -- Christian from Tennessee. He and his family were just so overwhelmed by meeting Paul. Should be getting a review from him shortly. Christian, in fact, is playing some of Paul's material in his own band.


 Christian and Family (18802 bytes)






Paul and Sammy Jay (12086 bytes) 

Then, there was the sweet Sammy Jay. "So, who's Sammy Jay?" you ask. Before the show, I saw a young girl dancing on the chairs with such style. I had to go up to her and tell her parents what a MOVER she was. So happens, they were from London, England. We talked about Sammy and they mentioned she was over here to start her new music career in Nashville.

The mother of Sammy then asked me "Do you know PR?" I said, "Well, yes. But why are you asking?" She said, "Sammy was performing yesterday and Paul and his girl friend walked past where Sammy was singing. They stopped and wanted to check where this great voice was coming from. They both thought she was SO good they invited her to the show tonight."

Can you imagine me discovering the same person as Paul? What a blast!!!!! Good Luck Sammy with your life in Nashville.


Paul and The Pillers (12807 bytes)
Rob stands next to Paul for the first time in his life!

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