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Contacts in Africa

"Hi, I'm Darren, age 16, from Johannesburg, South Africa. I am THE ULTIMATE Paul Rodgers fan who thinks he's a god. I'm a totally devoted fan who thinks Paul Rodgers is the GREATEST rock and blues vocalist of all time. I may be young but I know good music when I hear it!!"  send email
Paul from South Africa. "FREE was a band which I loved and I can honestly say they remain my favourite and most played band to this day. Bad Company, however, was the band which became quite huge in this country, and if they were to tour now, even with the current line up, they would sell out." send email

Contacts in Asia

Felicity, originally from Bradford, West Yorkshire, England, currently of Bangkok, Thailand. "I came to know FREE along with sixth form friend, Janet, both of Salt Grammar School, Shipley. We saw the first and every subsequent gig of FREE at St. George's Hall, Bradford, a venue never missed by the band. Subsequently, Toby and Peace and Bad Co played on the same stage." send email
"My name is Hide, I live in Tokyo and I am 39 years old. I'm always enjoying this site. No doubt, it's a great site and it is my treasure box. I hope this site keeps growing more and more. When I was 12, I heard the FREE LIVE! album for the first time. Since the day, FREE was really my favourite band of the world. If I wouldn't have listened to FREE, I would not be playing the guitar. I played guitar in many rock bands that are influenced by the British blues rock but then, I wanted to introduce FREE to many young rock fans. I started a FREE tribute band in March 1998, named TONS OF SOBS! We play their songs according to their live version from many bootlegs. We use the same or same type of instruments and equipment, e.g. '70s Marshall and Orange amps, '68 Gibson EB-3 bass, '50s Gibson Les Paul guitar. In September, we played for Koss an hour and a half (15 songs of FREE) live at a club in Tokyo. About 100 people came to gig and finished successfully, I decided to keep playing with this band." send email
Jim from Tokyo. "I heard Paul Kossoff play when I was school days at the age of 14. Now my age is 40, so I have been a fan for 27 years. I cannot forget the day when I heard his guitar play. I am a technical engineer of a mixing console made in UK and visit Manchester and London often." send email
Vineet from Delhi, India. "I am 29, engineer by profession. I first listened to Bad Company when I was 17 and it was as if I have found a lost world. Then, I went to my college which I think was a perfect place to fall in love with Bad Company. A place which was far away form the noise of Delhi, surrounded by green fields. Albums of Bad Co I have: Bad Company, Straight Shooter, Rough Diamonds, Desolation Angels, Best of Bad Company, Holy Water, Fame and Fortune, Dangerous Age, Here Comes Trouble, Company of Strangers (are there any albums left?) I am quite surprised that I am the first fan from India. Bad Company albums are promoted by one of the major record companies in India. That means there must be a good fan following. I feel there are a lot of silent Bad Co listeners back here." send email 

Contacts in Australia & New Zealand

"Gidday, this is Carolyn from New Zealand. I am also a Free and Bad Company lover!! I wish I was born sooner so I could go to a Free concert or Bad Company just to see them live WOW!! I love FREE because they cared about us all, it's in Pauls beautiful lyrics such as 'your as beautiful as the day is long' how special. Not long ago I was very ill and listening to FREE helped me to feel better. I hope to get some of Paul Kossoff's music such as Back Street Crawler very soon. It means a lot to me to know more about Paul Kossoff personally and also to chat to others who love them just as much as I do (if that's possible). Please add me to your list c/o my sister's email address. After all it is her computer."  send email
"Hi, I'm Chris from Melbourne Australia. Free were the first band I saw live in 1970 and they are still my favourite band. I own a guitar store down here (Guitars Plus) having moved from England in 1978, saw Koss play with BSC and also with John Martyn. I went to Bad Company's first ever gig at the Newcastle City Hall in 1974 so you could say I was and remain a big fan. Paul Rodgers is playing in Melbourne shortly and I'm hoping to go to all three gigs! Koss remains my favourite player but I can't play like him! Well done on the website and also to the Free A.S. to keep the interest up. Cheers Chris" send email
"Hi all, my name is Dave Te from Brisbane, Australia. Great to see so many Free & Bad Co fans still exist in nature. I would like to interact with other fans of Paul Rodgers who I had the pleasure of seeing last night in Brisbane. He is still as good as ever." send email
Doughboy from Sydney, Australia. "FREE is my main interest along with Paul Kossoff. His sound is something that was very unique and special." send email
Glen. "Like everybody else out there that I've seen on this site I'm a great admirer of Free. It's obvious to say, of course, that Paul Kossoff was a great guitarist whom has been a big influence on my own playing and I've given up trying to find a singer in the class of Mr Rodgers !!! ( Unless of course somebody reading this comes to the rescue ! ) Anyhow, boys and girls, what I'm really hoping to do is make contact with anyone out there that can help provide me with some nice bootlegs as I've got nothing myself, though, I do have quite a nice collection of other groups and artists both on audio and video, so if anyone is interested in trading then perhaps you might like to get in touch. I've got the 'Best Of ' Free of course but is there anything else available on video and how can I go about getting it??? There seems to be a distinct lack of video material out there which is of course, a heinous crime. You may all be interested to know that I've tracked down some footage of Free in Australia '71 which the ABC has here and I've been deep in negotiation with them for quite awhile now over getting hold of it but it's hard to say how this will turn out but fingers crossed ! Ok then, enough from me though it would be great to hear from you at some point ... I eagerly look forward to seeing what happens." send email
Harry from Melbourne, Australia. "Dear fellow Paul Rodgers fans, I 'd like to say how great it is to see such an amazing site, as I have been a Rodgers fan for about 25 years, following him with great adoration. I'm very new at this computer thing and to find you guys on here, it's like a dream come true. From Free to Bad Co., through to Cut Loose, then joining Jimmy Page, and so on and on and on! For all of 25 years I've shown my friends about The Voice, and none of them disagrees with me when I say he is the greatest Rock Blues singer of all time. I look forward to meeting some of you. Also a quick thanks to Lucy and Rob for doing a great job on the site." send email
Leigh in New Zealand. "Kia Ora (Greeting) from New Zealand. Im a 37 year old female & I have been a fan of Free, Bad Company and Paul Rodgers for many, many years and I have been listening to them since I was around 10 years old. Paul Rodgers has got the most awesome voice Ive ever heard, especially Free's "Heartbreaker" album....I get quite lost in his voice....I also enjoy listening to Paul Kossof's "Back Street Crawler" CD...(Tuesday Morningtrack). I've noticed that I appear to be the only person from New Zealand on here....but my brother and my mom are also big fans..... Please add me to your list.... " send email
From Lorraine. "Hi to all FREE souls from Cameron in Melbourne, Australia. Have listened to other bands from the blues/rock/soul genre for some years, finally discovered Free in 1999 at age 24 after asking a mature age University student about their biggest hit single. Personally, Koss appeals to me the most; after listening to his solos there always seems to be a lingering chill in the air. Made it to see Bad Co. live in Melbourne last year. Paul's voice left a lasting impression, he's still got it! Thanks Lucy and Rob for keeping this great website. Regarding Kossoff T-shirts, a nearby screen print shop did a quality job for me." send email
"Hi, my name is Michael and I am 24. I have been a fan of Bad Company for nearly 10 years. I am wanting to hear from other fans of either Bad Company or Free. I am interested to hear about concerts, bootlegs or absolutely anything about them. Even if you just want to chat about them, since many of my friends are not interested in Bad Company!! They definitely wouldn't know good rock if it slapped them in the face!!" send email
Peter from Australia. "Hope you can help me find out what combination of strings did he use on his "short-scale neck EB3". I can't find this info. I'm 42 and have been playing along with Andy Fraser since my big brothers bought Free records when they first came out." send email
Stephen from Australia. "I was amazed to find such a home page. It's been so many years since I was a Free fan and they're long gone but their music still sounds great." send email
"Hullo Stephen here. My Love is for the band Free and in their own way helped get me thru a rather turmoiled childhood. For me a dream came true to have a jam on a couple of songs playing guitar a sunburst Les Paul with Simon Kirke and Boz Burrell and Duster Bennett at a gig here in Sydney the Bondi Lifesaver when Bad Company toured in 1974/75. And what a blast to get a lovely compliment from Simon on my little vibrato and feel in my playing. Have never forgotten it nor could I. I was on the way home from playing a gig heard about the jam on JJJ the Govt Radio Station here in Oz and there you go. A thoroughly nice bloke and what a guy to play with. Ah I was in heaven ...
Anyway to have had David Clayton hear my little bands tapes they were called Rainbow the Ozzie Rainbow not Ritchie Blackmores one and he was also very nice in what he said it was marvelous. To all of the like of David Clayton who have put together such a fantastic thing on Free over the years, it was something I had only ever dreamed about. Many other musos here in Sydney are just as pleased as we still to this day rave on about Koss and the effect of Free on our musical lives. What a joy.
On behalf of us all thank you thank you from all of us Free devotees.
As the lyric in Goodbye from the Free At Last Album says “We made a Stand that's gonna Last Forever”. Well I'm sure that all Free fans, devotees feel it will.
Stephen, the little, but getting stronger vibrato guitarist, thank you." send email
Terry from Melbourne, Australia. "I have been a Free/ Bad Company fan since 1974. Living downunder means we don't hear too much about the groups, let alone see them. If anyone else in Australia is like me, contact me."
Warren from Australia. "I saw FREE in 1971 in what I am let to believe was one of the last concerts before they broke up. It is now 1997 and I'm still talking about that concert." send email
Wayne from Sydney, Australia. "I have most of the BC albums and will also get the latest one soon. About the only thing that bugs me about the band--I love their music--is the constant lineup changes!" send email

Contacts in South America

Alexandre Demetrio, from Brazil. "Hi, I'm a brazilian die hard fan of FREE, and I'd like to know other FREE fans around the world. By the way, I'm a singer too, and I'm trying to find musicians influenced by FREE. Piano tablature of FREE songs will be highly esteemed." send email
Erik from Brazil. "I'm 18 years old and I saw a Paul Rodgers concert at the Nescafe in '95 or '96. He played some Bad Co and Free music. I have only two albums 'What you hear ...' and 'Bad Company'." send email
Luiz from S? Paulo, Brazil. "I play the guitar a little. When I'm happy I play Alright Now and when I'm serious I play Feel Like Making Love." send email
"Hello and congratulations to your great website. My name is Oscar, I am from Argentina. I will go to the Chicago and Alpine Valley Bad Company concerts, and you really cannot imagine how it feels for me being from such a distant country to catch the boys in concert, having been my favorite band for ages. I'd give anything for a picture with Paul Rodgers. I am a big fan and collector, and I run a record shop in Buenos Aires. I have met Jimmy Page and Robert Plant when they came to Argentina in November 1994."
Paulo from Brazil. "I wish to make contact with people who have videos of Bad Co. I also have CD and video of Paul Rodgers' San Francisco concert." send email
"Hello! My name is Sergio, from San Clemente del Tuyꬍ Argentina. I love too much the psychedelic music (Moby Grape to '60 garage's bands), but FREE have a great place in my heart. I'll go to Europe, perhaps find out the box set." send email

Contacts ... somewhere in the World

Steve. "I would like to get in touch with other fans of Free and Paul Rodgers." send email


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