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The purpose of this page is to bring followers of Free, Bad Company and Paul Rodgers closer to each other. This page publishes the name (first name is quite sufficient), geographical location, email address and a personal description relating to these musicians. For inclusion on this page, simply send us an email.

Greetings from your hosts Lucy and Rob

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Lucy from Atlanta, USA. Originally from London, England. Went to FREE gigs from 1969. Read about her encounters in the past and present, along with some pretty interesting photos. send email
Rob from Atlanta, USA, originally from Zurich, Switzerland. Did not go to any FREE gig and is really a big Led Zeppelin fan. However, he got interested in the Internet in 1994 (I guess that's stone age when measured in Internet time) and somehow dragged his wife into this homepage business. send email


"Hi my name is Brenda. One of my most famous dreams is to is to do a duo with Paul Roders of shooting star. My oldest sons name is Johnny and he grew up listening to me sing this song to him. Believe it or not he really did grow up and played the guitar with no from anyone he was a natural. So my dream now was becoming our dream, as our life went on that dream sat on the back burner. Never ever following my dream to have our own band. In October 19, 2002 my son Johnny died of an over dose leaving me and my family to never ever be the same. Today I pick up his guitar and listen to the wind and still hear him play. So Paul someday if you ever need a back up singer to sing shooting star I without a doubt feel that song in my heart. Oh and by the way my friends and family say I'm one HOT mama." send email
"Hi, my name is Tom, I live in Sunderland, England. Honoured to be at the gig where part of the FREE LIVE album was recorded. MASSIVE FAN no one to touch them since. Have most of the bands singles and albums on vinyl, still trying to get hold of the first two. 40 years on and I still cant stop playing them, brilliant." send email
"My name is Lesley and I'm from South Australia. I'm a Free fan from way back, only ever saw them once in Adelaide in '71 and they were amazing. They were on the bill with my favourite Aussie band of the time Fraternity (lead singer Bon Scott, later of AC/DC), Manfred Mann's Earth Band and Deep Purple. It was a dream come true to see Free and something I've never forgotten. Have never seen Paul Rodgers since but hope that one day he might bring his solo show to Adelaide (140 miles from where I actually live). I love everything about Free, all the guys were SO amazing, have never heard anyone play the guitar just like Koss, but I was always totally blown away by Andy's bass playing - such a huge feature, much more so than in other bands." send email
"Hi, my name is Karen and I'm from Pembrokeshire, West Wales. I was born in 1957, and became a lover of Free when I was 13 when All Right Now was released. This led me to listen to all their previous work, and by the time I was 16 I was totally hooked!!!! I always loved the voice of Paul Rodgers, and appreciated the guitar playing of Paul Kossoff. When Bad Company were formed I saw them live in Liverpool during 1974 on their first tour. They were brilliant! Since then I have seen Paul Rodgers live as a solo singer 7 times, and also when he supported Queen. There will never be any other singer to beat him, and so many have been influenced by him." send email
"I am Alessandro from Bologna – Italy. I would like to be in touch with all FREE & BAD COMPANY fans all over the world especially those who has seen them live (FREE 1968-1973 era ---- BAD COMPANY 1974-1979 era). In the last few years I have started to put together a full list of gigs of both FREE & BAD COMPANY…any help is very welcome to add any kind of news to my concerts lists…Please feel free to share with me what you like…I will share with all of you what I have found…Thanks for your attention…" send email
Brenda from Kansas. "I started listening to Bad Company when I was in grade school. Way back in the 70's. I have an older sister, who always listened to it, so of course I started listening to whatever she liked! I have only been to two Bad Co. concerts. I think Paul Rodgers is GREAT!! He is also not bad to look at either! I use to get onto the yahoo chat years ago. Not so much now, but Bad Co. was one of the music groups that I had talk with others who enjoyed the music." send email
"I am from UK and love Paul Rodgers since i was 12. Selena" send email
"Hi! My name is Melanie, and I was born on September 22, 1971. I am from Toccoa, Georgia, and have been a Fan of Paul Rodgers' music since I was 10 years old. I have only seen Paul solo in concert once in April. It was a dream come true for me because I got to meet him as well. I will never forget that night. I don't know any other fans of Paul's, so this is my only chance to get to know others who are as passionate about his work as myself." send email
"steve in manchester uk. Just like to say great website. I've always been a big bad company fan until going to see paul rodgers in manchester last year here in the uk. What can I say WOW. He sang a lot of free songs which were new songs for me however they are not new anymore, totally rocked my world. Keep up the great world and I would be honoured to be added to your meeting place. many thanks"  send email
"I have been a fan of Paul Rodgers for many years. I live in NY and have seen him play here many times. I even got to meet him and get an autograph and picture with him, and he was a very nice."  send email
"Greetings! My name is Sally, and I've been a fan of Paul Rodgers in all his various forms since the 70's. I was born in 1951 and have lived in California all my life. With all the access to great concerts Southern California provides, one would think I would have seen Paul perform live before, but alas, I never got that job done. Pity that. But one is never too old rock-n-roll in my opinion, so I'm planning on seeing him when he comes to Temecula CA on May 4th. I've seen several concerts at this location, and I like it a lot. Its not the large arena type venue, its an intimate theatre that holds 1200 people, and the sound is great, at the seats have a good view, plus its only 45 minutes from my home. The tickets are not for sale yet on their site (I check about 10 times a day LOL) but my husband & I want to be there no matter what it takes. Anyway, thanks for the great web site you folks have... its a blast to look at all the old photos etc! Keep up the good work."  send email

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