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  Paul Rodgers - Atlanta, Georgia
May 7, 2000

Review by Lucy Piller.

Well I cannot believe it's over.......Yesterday a jam packed midtown had over 247.000 visitors over the weekend to see bands like:- Foreigner-Taj Mahal-Jeff Healey-Kenny Wayne Shephard-The Allman Brothers-Creed and the VOICE Paul Rodgers.

Paul Rodgers FansThe weather was perfect. Pretty hot though if you were there all day but we only went for Paul this time. It was great to see the Allrightnow fans who travelled from places like Florida, South Carolina and North Carolina. Some came just for the gig and then drove home. I am sure those who drove many miles to see Paul went home very happy.

The band members all were looking wonderful. Paul seemed to look in more shape than ever. Remember the last time you saw him and thought wow he's so in shape. well he looks even better. ( can that be) He Paul Rodgers must be doing cardiovascular to his upper body cos his chest was bulging with of of course being up front helped me to check him out, from head to toe. :-)))

I noticed many of his movements on stage to be more sophisticated than ever. Love those hand gestions as he sings his beautful notes....... One song really sticks in my mind, and is the best version I have ever heard: Satisfaction Guaranteed. It was at a pace where you just go into a trance. Flowing until you had to close your eyes and to really float away. It was a killer version. Can't wait to hear it again.................

All members of the band played at their best. And they all were enjoying the crowd who as usual were singing along with Paul. Cannot remember the song list, but will be adding more reviews as they come in. And I am sure one of the fans will have the song list. I was too busy enjoying the music to be writing it down. So what's next?

Upcoming shows are:
- 19th May Cheasapeake VA
- 20th May Bradford TN.

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