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News in 2002
25 Dec 02   Vote for Bad Co for Best Interview
25 Dec 02   Photo Gallery #20 added: Paul Rodgers in Tacoma
25 Dec 02   Thank You, Derek, for the Superchat
25 Dec 02   Tim Donahue Video Clip
25 Dec 02   Bad Company Tablature
25 Dec 02   Paul Rodgers Review - Tacoma
15 Dec 02   Derek St. Holmes Review
12 Dec 02   Bad Company Fan Listing by Priscilla Marie
12 Dec 02   Andy Fraser Discography
12 Dec 02   Free'd - A Tribute Band
12 Dec 02   Groovy Shops in London
7 Dec 02   Photo Gallery #19 added: Bad Company UK Tour
5 Dec 02   Vote Bad Company into the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame!
5 Dec 02   Bad Co Pictures from DVD Tour
5 Dec 02    Merchants of Cool by Lawrence Russell
28 Nov 02    Simon Kirke at Don Hills
15 Nov 02    John Entwistle Tribute CD - Rabbit
15 Nov 02    A Promoter's Tale by Geoff Docherty
15 Nov 02    From Russia with Paul Kossoff - In Russian
12 Nov 02    Janah
12 Nov 02    New Mick Ralphs CD for 2003
4 Nov 02    Trivia on Free
4 Nov 02    Those were the Days
4 Nov 02    BOA Chat in French
4 Nov 02    Articles on Howard Leese
30 Oct 02    Bad Company Review - Rock to the Rescue - Cleveland
30 Oct 02    The Banger Sisters
23 Oct 02    Bad Company Review - London-Birmingham-Top of the Pops
19 Oct 02    Bad Company Review - London
19 Oct 02    Bad Company Review - Glasgow
19 Oct 02    Surprise Chat with Simon Kirke
1 Oct 02    Special Thank You's
1 Oct 02    Till The Day I Die
30 Sep 02    Find Tickets for most shows at this cool link
30 Sep 02    Rock to the Rescue
17 Sep 02    Concert Reviews Archive
17 Sep 02    Fire and Water Tribute Band
12 Sep 02    Paul Rodgers Special Guest with Jeff Beck
12 Sep 02    Paul Rodgers to perform at Labour Party Conference
2 Sep 02    Photo Gallery #18 added: Bad Company 2002 Tour
30 Aug 02    Law CD - Remaster
30 Aug 02    Free At Last
25 Aug 02    New Times for Chat
25 Aug 02    All Children's Charity
25 Aug 02    Review of Merchants of Cool
25 Aug 02    Say Cheese!!
25 Aug 02    Life on the Road with Janah
25 Aug 02    Backstage Photo of Paul
25 Aug 02    Live Review of Janah
18 Aug 02    Rock to the Rescue
18 Aug 02    Paul Rodgers Interview
18 Aug 02    Back on the road again!
18 Aug 02    Merchants Of Cool by Lawrence Russell
18 Aug 02 Bad Company Video Clips
12 Aug 02    Bad Company @ the Beeb
12 Aug 02 Bad Company Review - Atlanta
12 Aug 02    Janah moving up!!
4 Aug 02    The Best of Free - The Millennium Collection
4 Aug 02    Isle of Wight Pop Festivals Website (interesting link)
3 Aug 02    Rare Items for Sale
30 July 02    Bad Company - AOL Sessions Video
27 July 02 Bad Company Review - Clio
27 July 02    Free and Kossoff Song Books
27 July 02    Be My Friend - A Group for Singles
27 July 02    Bad Company - Trivia from Rolling Stone
13 July 02    Bad Company Review - Chicago
13 July 02    Wanna play a fretless guitar?
13 July 02    Bad Co - Extra Date in Newcastle
6 July 02    My Brother Jake by Show Of Hands
6 July 02    The Home of British Seventies Rock Festival Nostalgia
6 July 02    Great news - Marquee returns to London
4 July 02    Bad Company Review - Dallas
4 July 02    Memory Lane - Great 60s Site
4 July 02    CD & BOOK Links for FREE
4 July 02    Bad Company Interview on Classic Rock Revisited
4 July 02    Bad Company Review - Kansas
29 June 02    Shelly Harris - The full Interview with Paul Rodgers
29 June 02    Picture from DVD Tour
29 June 02    Paul Rodgers - Rock Therapy
29 June 02    Discover Eilat!! Lucy's Paradise
29 June 02    Paul Kossoff - Blue Blue Soul
29 June 02    Crawler News
20 June 02    Bad Company Reviews - Merriweather
20 June 02    Bad Company Reviews - Darien Lake
20 June 02    Bad Company Review - Cleveland
20 June 02    Bad Company Review - Las Vegas
7 June 02    The Best of Free Tablature Book
30 May 02    Paul Rodgers on Top Of The Pops 2 - UK - June 4th
30 May 02    Paul Rodgers and Simon Kirke Video Clip
30 May 02    Review of Bad Co DVD by Pinnacle Entertainment
30 May 02    Janah Opening for Johnny Winter
26 May 02    Simon Kirke - Transcript of Chat on May 19
26 May 02    Bad Company - Original Anthology Guitar Tablature Books
26 May 02    Boz Burrell - Discography (in French)
26 May 02    Mick Ralphs - Interviews
26 May 02    LSJUMB History: All Right Now
26 May 02    Bad Company 'Merchants of Cool' - Order Online
18 May 02    Listen to Bad Company songs on the MIDI Database
18 May 02    Mick Ralphs and Ian Hunter Review
18 May 02    Janah opens for Alanis Morissette
18 May 02    Welcome to David Brown on
12 May 02    Bad Company - Merchants of Cool - Rate It
12 May 02    Free Biography - In German
12 May 02    Bad Company Drum Set
12 May 02    BOA opens for Bad Company in the UK
3 May 02    Photos of Slash with Bad Company
1 May 02    Bad Company 'In Concert - Merchants of Cool'
1 May 02    Bad Company 'Joe Fabulous'
29 Apr 02    Paul Rodgers Concert Reviews - Atlantic City
28 Apr 02    Bad Company Tickets
28 Apr 02    Mick Ralphs Interviews
28 Apr 02    BOA Live Concert in the UK
28 Apr 02    Are you a parent?
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13 Apr 02    Lucy's Doodle from 1970
6 Apr 02    Off The Record with Bad Company
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6 Apr 02    Japanese Tribute Band - Tons of Sobs
30 Mar 02    Tim Donahue - Guitars For Freedom
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30 Mar 02    Simon Kirke Chat Transcript
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30 Mar 02    Bad Company Discography
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28 Feb 02    Janah New Tour Dates
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26 Feb 02    Rocky Mountain
26 Feb 02    Photos of Bad Co with The Hawk 99.5 FM
26 Feb 02 Artist Profile on Bad Company
26 Feb 02    Heavy Load Club
26 Feb 02
18 Feb 02    Scotland, PA - Movie with Bad Company Songs
11 Feb 02    Paul Rodgers Tickets Atlantic City
11 Feb 02    Jam with Free
11 Feb 02    Japan sells Free Remasters
11 Feb 02    Andy Fraser CDs
11 Feb 02    Janah Update
11 Feb 02    Heavy Load - the Free Book available in the USA
11 Feb 02    Free At Last - Tribute Band to Free and Bad Company
3 Feb 02    Photo Gallery #17 added: Bad Company DVD Tour
3 Feb 02    Bad Company Concert Review - Las Vegas and Highland
23 Jan 02    Latest on Christian Turner
23 Jan 02    Paul Rodgers Unplugged
23 Jan 02    Christian Turner CD available here
23 Jan 02    Newcomer Christian Turner Talks To CRR
23 Jan 02    Bad Company and Christian Turner Photos
19 Jan 02    Bad Company starts Tour
19 Jan 02    New Band for Jason and Howard
10 Jan 02    Christian Turner - Opening for Bad Company
5 Jan 02    Andy Fraser Double CD available at

Thank You, Derek, for the Superchat

Thank You to Derek St. Holmes for joining us in the chat room. Best of luck with your upcoming tour of 2003 with Mark Farner -- details will follow.

Chat Transcript

To hear some sound clips, go to this link.

Tim Donahue Video Clip

Video footage of the incredible Tim Donahue playing a track from the CD Voices in the WInd (featuring Paul Rodgers).

Vote Bad Company into the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame!

OK, Fans, isn't it about time we get the boys in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? I think so, let's get them in for the year 2003 Details about the Hall of Fame and inductions are at

All you have to do is spend a few cents on a stamp and write to the following address saying you think BAD COMPANY should be inducted:

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Foundation
1290 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10104

You have to send regular mail, do not write to the e-mail addresses listed on the Hall of Fame website with your induction suggestion. I think you can vote a few times. It's all up to us now. Lets get our boys in, at last. It's now or never. This will be a wonderful THANK YOU to them especially after working so hard on their tour.

Now its up to us, THE FANS.

Thank you.

Simon Kirke at Don Hills

Gate of All Saints

Jimmy Kunes (Savoy Brown/ Love Train) 
Andy Hilfiger (King Flux/ X-Brothers) 
Bruce Edwards (Squeeze Box)

And Featuring Special Guest: 
Simon Kirke Of Free and Bad Company

Don Hill’s Spring and Greenwich St, New York, Tuesday Dec 3rd 2002 10:30

John Entwistle Tribute CD - Rabbit

You can all buy a copy for $20 cash, or £14 each (that's what it cost right now) it may go up, probably not, but it won't come down. I am trying to set up a credit card scheme on my website, but haven't done it yet, so ya'll can all send a $20 bill, or £14 to my Studio address, I will make the cd's and mail them out to whoever orders it. Send the $20 bill, or £14 to me, with your return address,

All the proceeds for 'this' cd goes to the Teenage Cancer Trust. So it's all for charity on this cd - 'A Tribute to John Entwistle'

The cd is always available directly from the website as well.

It's xmas, so let's sell lots of em, and get the Trust some cash.

Apologies for including those who do not wish their e-mail addresses shown in this 'fan base', but it's the only way I could get this message for charity to all of you in one go. In future if you do not want your e-mail address shown in messages sent as part of the total Rabbit 'Fan Base', then just let me know.

All Poceeds go to the Teenage Cancer Trust:

Rabbit Studios
47 Ham Hill
Stoke Sub Hamdon
TA14 - 6RW

John Rabbit Bundrick


A Promoter's Tale by Geoff Docherty

New Mick Ralphs CD for 2003

Coming in January 2003
1. Thats Life
2. Our Time
3. Fool For Your Loving
5. Ain't It Good
6. A to Z
7. Hey Hey
8. For My Baby
9. Nobody Knows Me
10. Under Pressure
11. Everybeat
12. Cant Get Enought (demo-1970)
13. Budgie (Bad Company-unreleased track from 1977

Trivia on Free

Here is a link to some trivia on Free, 
See Quiz title and see 1 & 2 sections


Those were the Days

See these links to take you back in time. Are you really ready to see this ???



BOA Chat in French

For our french speaking fans- here is the chat with BOA all in french !!!!


Articles on Howard Leese



The Banger Sisters

The story of the reunion of two ex-groupies, formerly known as the Banger Sisters, who were best friends in their wild rock 'n' roll days. One is now a nostalgic "punked-out waitress" (Goldie Hawn) in Los Angeles, while the other is a Phoenix socialite (Susan Sarandon) who would rather hide her scandalous past.

Special Thank You's

Just a quick note to say THANK YOU to the following fans/friends In the UK.

You were all great fun to be with and you made the shows very special.

Al & Jo         Doug Stevens           Christine Seal         Campbell Patrick          Shelly & Vini

Gordon Grubb           Rob & Karen         Steve O'Hehir        John Kirkman       Marci & Donna

Special thanks to BAD COMPANY and crew and also to Simon Kossoff. This was an amazing tour!!!!! I have received SO many fantastic letters congratulating the band members. The British fans want Paul and BAD COMPANY to return to the UK. Soon !!!!!!!!!

Coming soon :- Reviews and photos.


Till The Day I Die

From: Steven R, Montreal, Quebec.

Growing up in Montreal in the 60's and 70's from a musical perspective was awesome. I remember I was sitting in the living room of my first Girlfriends house in my public school days in Dollard Dex Ormeaux. Her name was Carol and she was all excited about a new album she wanted me to hear. In those days all the Bands would cut an album and then follow it up with a Tour. It was 1974 and I was 12 and the album was called simply " Bad Co." as in Bad Company. 

We listened together and needless to say I have been a fan ever since. I collected all their music and continued to play all those songs even though I hadn't heard anything new from them in over 28 years.I was only 12 then so I was too young to see their concerts but I bought this DVD last week and I had to hassle the mgmt. here at Future Shop to get this DVD in the store on St. Catherine.I'm glad they were able to do it for me. Now I am hassling House Of Blues to get them to contact Bad Co. to perform here again. WOW. As far as Live Concerts go this is one of the best I have ever seen and certainly The Best Reunion concert ever filmed. The sound on the DVD is 5.1 and DTS - what can be better. The special features explain why they disappeared. Hard Core fans will remember they were the only Band other than Led Zeppelin managed by Peter Grant and recorded on Swan Songs Label. Every Hit they ever had is here including an Unbelievable Version of the Famous "Free" song "It's Alright Now". 

Best of all, During Rock and Roll fantasy- the Band breaks into Ticket to Ride and She Says So by the Beatles and Paul Rodgers singing and the bands accompanyment here is some of the best I have ever heard. Forget The New Stuff , Next to bad Company, People like Eminem and Brittany and Back Street Boys etc etc, all the bands of Today- SUCK- compared to this stuff. Give me good old Talent over Flash and Pomp and you'll get a smile Everytime.The New single "Joe Fabulous" is the best new rock song I have heard in over 10 Years. This song makes me happy. That's what this DVD does. Makes you Happy.!!! Remember that Old Catch Phrase- It applies today more than ever, especially given the dismal state of the recording industry..."Bad Company...Till the Day I Die"

Fire and Water Tribute Band

Fire & Water Tribute band

Paul Rodgers Special Guest with Jeff Beck

Paul will be performing as a special guest with Jeff Beck at the Royal Festival Hall in London, September 14, 2002. Other guest include, Roger Waters, John McLaughlin & White Stripes. The show is a three day event September 12, 13, 14, spanning the career of Jeff Beck.

Paul Rodgers to perform at Labour Party Conference

Paul will also perform at The National Labour Party Conference on October 1, 2002, in Blackpool, UK.

Law CD - Remaster

New release date for the LAW cd is now October 8. A remastered version of one and only The Law album - the band that featured Bad Company vocalist Paul Rodgers with Kenny Jones. The original was released in 1991. 

the re-mastered LAW cd now can be pre-ordered at this site:

THE LAW  Self-titled - CD


Made in US | 11-Track
1987 album featuring Paul Rodgers and Kenny Jones.
Available Soon.
Pre-order Price

Free At Last

Listen to some clips of the Free Bad Company tribute band from the UK

New Times for Chat


Seems many people want to chat but keep missing each other. We shall try a new method for those who cant make the arranged times.

On the hour, every hour, round the clock the chat room will be open. If you wish to chat with another fan, then turn up EXACTLY on the hour. This way whichever country or state you're from it will work. Of course if no fans want to talk at the same time, you will have to try another hour.

So, on the hour the chat room will be open. I suggest if you don't see another fan for 5 mins give up.

Good luck

All Children's Charity

Small Faces All Star Charity Band  - Buy it online at & type small faces. Cost 4.99 UK pounds.
Note Kenny Jones has a new band called BIG FACE.

Review of Merchants of Cool

Review of Merhants of Cool
Review by Shawn Perry

Say Cheese!!

Photo from with permission

Backstage Photo of Paul

Photo of Tammy, a fan from Charleston, and Paul Rodgers at Myrtle Beach, July 27, 2002, House of Blues. 

Tammy your shirt looks so cool :-))





Rock to the Rescue

Coming soon "Rock to the Rescue". With bands REO - STYX & BAD COMPANY. Dates and Venues will be announced soon !!!!!!

Paul Rodgers Interview


Rodgers, Paul - of solo work, Free and Bad Company

By: Dominick A. Miserandino From The Celebrity


Bad Company @ the Beeb

Bad Company appearing on Top of the Pops 2 ??

Do you want to catch Bad Company outside the BBC 2 for pics or autographs? Then watch this site for dates and time. It should be happening in Sept. But I am waiting for details. Tickets for the show are ordered many weeks in advance. I did try to get a bunch of tickets to give out but the BBC could not help as there is a waiting list. 

SO I suggest you go to the BBC on the night of their appearence and yell for them :-))) What fun ! Just like the days of the Beatles eh? Well this is a BIG event for BAD COMPANY. I mean they haven't been in the UK for many years now. So keep checking this space to catch the upcoming date.

Approx date is Sept 26th. But this has not been confirmed.

The Best of Free - The Millennium Collection

Expected Release Date: August 06, 2002
20th Century Masters
The Best of Free-The Millennium Collection
Tracks are:-

1. I'm a Mover
2. Walk in My Shadow
3. I'll Be Creepin'
4. Fire and Water
5. All Right Now
6. Heavy Load
7. The Stealer
8. Mr. Big (live)
9. Catch a Train
10. Wishing Well
11. Come Together in the Morning


Rare Items for Sale



Bad Company - AOL Sessions Video

New video footage of Bad Company AOL Sessions (Live).

To see this footage you need to install RealOne Player. Click here to start the installation of the free RealOne Player.

Wait till you see this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! See and hear the new Bad Company single "Joe Fabulous" followed by three classic BadCo tunes.

Free and Kossoff Song Books



Be My Friend - A Group for Singles



Coming soon to
If you are 
17-35  or  35 + up

Then this is the place for you!
Devoted PR & BC fans only please !
Ain't it good?

Wanna play a fretless guitar?

Here is the new project Tim Donahue was doing also check out this neat Fretless course.

Bad Co - Extra Date in Newcastle

A extra date has been confirmed for a second show in Newcastle, England on 9/16/02. Same venue - Newcastle City Hall.

My Brother Jake by Show Of Hands


SHOW OF HANDS - Steve Knightley and Phil Beer.

MP3 sound clip, with permission from Show Of Hands.

CD & BOOK Links for FREE

Cost of items are listed in UK pounds- But US residents can still order on line.
See details below

Free - Songs Of Yesterday


Picture from DVD Tour

Paul Rodgers - Rock Therapy

For those fans who want everything of Pauls Here is one which you cant find in your local music store. Made in 1996 This is one of Pauls greatest ballads.

In July 1996, The Nordoff-Robbins 'Rock Therapy' record, 'Reaching Out' was released. Sam sings and plays Hammond organ on this track, along with the likes of Brian May, Andy Fairweather-Low, Paul Rogers, and Charlie Watts. The track was written by Andy Hill and Don Black, and featured on Top Of The Pops in its first week of release. The proceeds accruing from the record will be going to the Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy Centre.


Best place to find it is:
 GEMM is your best source for impossible-to-find music!

Reaching Out - UK


Words for Reaching out


Discover Eilat!! Lucy's Paradise

Have you ever heard of EILAT. ? After 30 visits I want to share my paradise!!
It has the finest beaches you have ever seen
Check out this website to see the beauty of Eilat.
You will be amazed.!!!

Paul Kossoff - Blue Blue Soul

One of the best Kossoff cds around
Coverart $10.49


The Best of Free Tablature Book

A true treasure for the Free fan.

An excellent music book containing full chord and solo transcriptions of 14 Free songs is now available!!! This book contains a very interesting interview with Paul Rodgers who provides some very revealing insights into how Free made their music, and especially how Kossoff built his solos. The name of this book is Best of Free. The songs included are: All right Now, Be my friend, Don't say you love me, Fire and water, Heartbreaker, The highway song, I'll be creeping, I'm a mover, My brother Jake, Mr.Big, Soon I'll be gone, The stealer and Wishing well. You can order this book from

Hal Leonard, 7777 N. Bluemound RD, PO box 13819 Milwaukee WI 53213 or find it in your local music store. The cost is $18.95 and the ISBN number: 0-7935-3295-I.

The phone number for Hal Leonard is 414-774-3630 Please phone them for Delivery cost to your city, country. Tell them the name of the book and ISBN no.

Paul Rodgers and Simon Kirke Video Clip

Mark & Brian Amphitheatre:

Reviews Welcome

Please send in your reviews and photographs - we'll be happy to post them.

Janah updates

If you are a Janah fan here are some updates

Janah Opening for Johnny Winter

Janah will be opening for Johnny Winter on 19th June at the BB King Bar and Grill, New York

Bad Company - Original Anthology Guitar Tablature Books

The guitar tablature books volume 1 and 2 for the Original Bad Company Anthology CD set are available online from

Also available from in the UK.

Mick Ralphs - Interviews

Read an interview of Mick by Donrad.

Listen to an interview of Mick by Jon Kirkman - includes sound clips from Mick's "It's All Good" album.

LSJUMB History: All Right Now

For a generation, All Right Now has been the signature song (victory mix - 3.9MB) of the LSJUMB. Here's a little information about the history of the song that's had Stanford students jumping since the early 1970's.

Bad Company 'Merchants of Cool' - Order Online 

DVD, CD album and single, and VHS are out now.

Mick Ralphs and Ian Hunter Review

By Michael Roobottom (Free At Last)

The Limelight Club, Crewe, England
Mon 13th may 2002

It's been almost 30 years since Ian Hunter and Mick Ralphs were together in Mott the Hoople so this was a gig not to be missed. I've played The Limelight Club in Crewe many times with Free at Last so I knew it was worth travelling the extra 50 miles rather than waiting to see them in Wolverhampton in a couple of weeks time, so with the club packed to a capacity of only about 400 at least I'd get to see them up close. 

So here we go, the house lights dim and the band are on stage straight into 'One of the boys' followed by 'Once bitten, twice shy' and a couple of tracks from Hunter's new album. Mick Ralphs sure seems to be enjoying himself slipping right in with Hunter's post Mott tunes. Next came walking with a mountain and a version of Dylan's 'Knocking on heaven's door' with a great solo from Mick. Ian Hunters latest album Rant is a great album in the vein of most of his previous work (if you like Mott you'll like this) great rock'n'roll songs with great lyrics, five or six of which are featured in the set. Mick Ralphs leaves the stage while Hunter performs the emotional 'Michael Picasso' his tribute to the late great Mick Ronson, and then returns to perform his version of the classic blues instrumental 'Hide away'. 'Roll away the stone', 'Rock'n'roll queen', 'All the young dudes' and they're off. 

The crowd chant Hunter, Hunter; clap their hands, whistle, stamp their feet and the band are back on for the encore. Another tune from Rant, 'All the way from Memphis', 'The golden age of rock'n'roll' and finally a rip through Little Richard's 'You keep on knockin' and it's all over. I'm sure I've left a lot out but it's hard to remember detail when you're enjoying yourself so much and a set that lasted 2hrs 15mins goes by in the blink of an eye.

Janah opens for Alanis Morissette

Here is the line-up for the Alanis Morissette show at Vanilla Coke?s On the Bricks, June 14 in Atlanta:

Alanis Morissette, Pat McGee Band, Janah, Parmalee.

Free concert - Hope you can make it .....

Bad Company Drum Set

This is one of two identical Ludwig drum sets used by Simon Kirke of Bad Company on albums and tours during the early 1970?s.

BOA opens for Bad Company in the UK

Jasmine Rodgers of BOA, daughter of Paul Rodgers, turned 26 on the 1st of May. You can post your wishes on the Boa website.

Also, I have been told it's confirmed that BOA will in fact be opening up for Bad Company in the UK.

Bad Company Tickets

Do you need to BUY or SELL Bad Co tickets? Or do you just want good company to see Bad Company??

You may use the Guest Book to inform fans if you have a spare or need to sell a ticket. Face value only please ........ Remember we are all family here.

Mick Ralphs Interviews

Mick Ralphs interview with Vintage Guitar 

also Guitar Magazine.

BOA Live Concert in the UK

date: WED 15th MAY 
time: 8:20pm on stage 
tube: KINGS X 

Waterrats Theatre 
328 Grays Inn Road, 
Kings Cross 

BOA are pleased to announce a gig in London, UK, as a warm up to further gigs in the near future. This is an exclusive, so if you can make it please do.

Visit BOA at

Lucy's Doodle from 1970

This drawing or doodle was made in 1970. Click to see full size.

It is illustrated in a book which has all the bands I saw back in 69-73. All these bands often appeared in the clubs I went to. Next time I will list all the bands I saw, and the venues in which I saw them at and how much it cost. Also what I thought of the show.

I have had this diary over 32 years..... It's looking a little rough now but it sure brings back the memories

Enjoy !!

Off The Record with Bad Company

Off the Record with Bad Company will be broadcast on Westwood One Radio on May 18 and 19. Check local listings for exact showtimes in your market. Go to or for local radio stations.

Janah Live Radio Show

Janah will be performing in Woodstock, New York. The first half hour will be broadcast on Thursday, April 18 at 10pm at this radio station (you will need to register and download a player).

Japanese Tribute Band - Tons of Sobs

This is a Japanese tribute band that have Free to perfection. The guitarist is amazing ...... Check out their website (in Japanese) and drop them a line and tell them you found them on They would love to hear from you. And if you're in Japan at any time, go check out this very hard working band.

Such dedication to getting everything perfect - clothes, style, hair, equipment ....

Tim Donahue - Guitars For Freedom

Tim is happy to announce that a track of his will be included in the GUITARS FOR FREEDOM, VOL. 2 release this year. VOL. 1 has just been released, and includes tracks from Jimi Hendrix, Santana, Steve Vai, Allan Holdsworth, and Tim's main man Sleepy Guitar Johnson. All proceeds from the sales of these albums will go to benefit the victims of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

A great cause.

Free Photo Jam

Here you will see some Free photos that Lucy took in 1970. Many of these have never been published.

Bad Company Forum

Check out this discussion group from Elektra.

Robb Cohen's Photos of Bad Company

Check out Robb's photos of Bad Company in Atlanta. Click on "band photos - samplers", then "photo index", then "A - F" for Bad Co.

Bad Company Discography

The Best of British Rock includes Free and Bad Co, and many more bands.

Ian Hunter/Mick Ralphs UK Tour

IAN HUNTER/MICK RALPHS - Together for the first time in 30 years, Ian and Mick will perform material from their own solo albums before joining for a finale of Mott The Hoople numbers.

For more information see UK Tour Dates: May 2002

Bad Company - Volunteers For America

More great photos from the VOLUNTEERS FOR AMERICA benefit concert from ChrisMcKay.

Guitarist Wanted for Free Tribute Band in the UK

FREE AGAIN, the Original Tribute to Free and Bad Company (as featured elsewhere on this site) seeks new guitarist.

Ideally should be accomplished, versatile, good natured, interested in the band's total sound not just his own, and true to the spirit of Kossoff's style. Mature, professional attitude essential. Rehearsals in and around Cambridge, gigs mostly within an eighty mile radius, but some further afield. Might suit (for example) London-based ex-professional with contacts.

E-mail Steve on

Hollywood's Rockwalk

Drummer Simon Kirke holds the distinction of having played with some of the giants of rock and roll, particularly Britain's upper echelon, including Free and Bad Company with Paul Rodgers.

Additionally, he's done numerous sessions and tours with the likes of Ringo Starr, Pete Townsend and The Who. Kirke is considered one of the best drummers in classic rock, and continues to record and tour today.

Simon was inducted into the Rockwalk in May 1997.

Rocky Mountain

DVD to capture Bad Company live in Denver, flying mic stand and all.

Heavy Load Club

Check out this cool club in East London, England. My hometown

Elektra had a mailing List and site for Bad Company. Fun to see but it may not been still running :-)

Off the Record with Paul Rodgers and Simon Kirke

Joe Benson, ARROW 93's Morning Man in Los Angeles, CA. has a hour long nationally syndicated program in the United States called "Off the Record." This Sunday 03/03/2002, Joe will feature the music of Bad Company and Joe's recent conversation with vocalist Paul Rodgers and drummer Simon Kirke.

Check out this link:

Then click on the "Radio/Music/Racing Link" for a city in your area that is broadcasting it. For our friends across the ocean and for the cities or states that don't carry the program, some radio stations will stream the show. The list is fairly up to date and accurate, but of course, always check with the actual radio station to ensure they are still carrying the program. Enjoy!!

Scotland, PA - Movie with Bad Company Songs

Read about the movie

Teaser clip

Official site for Scotland P.A

The music

To see Scotland PA


Paul Rodgers Tickets Atlantic City

Tickets are now on sale for Paul Rodgers for the Trump Marina NJ Sat 20th April.

Jam with Free

Paul Kossoff music items for sale.

Japan sells Free Remasters

Japan sells the Free Remasters first.

It won't be long now before Europe and USA have them so don't order from Japan unless you live in Japan. Otherwise you will over pay.

Andy Fraser CDs

Walmart do not have any more of the Andy Fraser CDs. But you can find plenty here.

Also available in Japan.

Janah Update

Janah to appear at the House of Blues New Orleans.

For more dates, see

Heavy Load - the Free Book available in the USA

If you haven't got your copy of HEAVY LOAD, you can purchase it at the following location:  

Latest on Christian Turner

From www.badcompany .com January 22nd:

Christian Turner is gaining fans big time. Tonight he got a standing ovation from some of the fans with his rendition of "Dock of the Bay". After the show he meets and greets his fans and signs autographs. The guy is a natural with people.

Paul Rodgers Unplugged

I am trying really hard to get Paul to play at this venue for a Unplugged show. If you would also like to see him perform solo please send me a letter with your request and I will forward on to his mangement.

Bad Company starts Tour

Review from a fan:

"Opening act Christian Turner. The refreshing voice of Christian warmed up the audience really well. He will be opening up for a number of the shows.

I believe this was the best show Bad Company had ever done. And also think this will be the best tour .... and suggest if you were not going to see one of these shows, you better make new plans.

Paul was in TOP TOP FORM. Every member of the band was just excellent.

Four Encores.

Neil Schon came on early in the set and played Amazing Grace. During the encore Neil came out again and played Crossroads, and Muddy Waters Blues with Bad Co. Also Bad Co played some songs they don't usually play.

Paul wore black pants, orange snug med sleeve shirt. He looked better than ever before. Just awesome."

New Band for Jason and Howard

Jason Boyleston's new band is called The Cut. Which also has Howard Leese on it. Appearing at the House of Blues Los Angeles, Saturday, January 26th.

Christian Turner - Opening for Bad Company

Christian Turner, singer / songwriter, will be opening up for Bad Company on the DVD tour.

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