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Los Angeles
August 8, 1999

From David
   I saw Badco at The Greek last night and THEY ROCKED!!! Magnificent versions of "Ready For Love" and "Shooting Star." "Seagull" was pretty damn great too. Paul's voice (my main reason for going) was dead on. They brought out Howard Leese for "Rock & Roll Fantasy." My only complaints is that I think the show is too short at about 75 minutes and they didn't play "Running With The Pack."
   I could have listened to them all night!

From Jose
   I'm a big fan of Bad Company and Mick Ralphs guitar playing. I saw them at the Greek and the show was fabulous. I only wish that they could have played a little longer? I would have liked to have seen Mick backstage and have my stratocaster signed but the security people were difficult.
   Keep on rockin.

Phoenix - Desert Sky Pavilion
August 7, 1999

From Tim
   First off, there was a tremendous turnout, which I estimate was in the neighborhood of 10,000. The crowd was also very enthusiastic, and indeed was one of the loudest old-timer crowds that I've witnessed in the last 15 years of reunion gigs by various classic rock bands, starting with Deep Purple's (my favorite band along with anything Paul Rodgers or Glenn Hughes does) Perfect Strangers tour. They even gave the opening act, Billy Squier, who played alone on stage, some nice applause. (In case anyone is curious, he played Everybody Wants You, Learn How to Live, The Stroke and a couple new ones, and maybe one or two older ones I didn't completely recognize)
   During Bad Company's amazing set, song lyrics were sang by the crowd with enthusiasm and I believe the band was very pleased (confirmed later to me by the boys backstage). The set was the same as the San Diego show. My friends and I never had a chance to yell out for "Rock Steady" and "Live for the Music" like we planned, because the audience was soooo loud between songs we couldn't be heard from the seventh row.
   Paul announced that the last couple of shows are being recorded for a live CD! I think because of this, the band tried extra hard to play and sing well. I'm not sure why they have stopped playing Rock Steady, Honey Child, Live for the Music, and Running with the Pack on this tour, because those all would be awesome on a live CD.
   I hope that Paul considers adding some different Bad Company songs to his solo tour setlist. I think he knows that people really would like to hear "Burning Sky", "Gone, Gone, Gone" and "Electricland". This would be a nice reminder to us of this heartwarming reunion tour.
   Paul sang wonderfully, as usual, and just owns these songs. He is simply the best vocalist going (along with Glenn Hughes), with Ian Gillan's voice not the same anymore and Paul's seemingly getting better with age. Mick's playing was very heavy and fluid in spots, and really ripped on the instrumental, "Hideaway", popularized by Freddie King.
   After this performance, one thing that I've come to a conclusion on is that Simon Kirke is the most underrated drummer in the history of rock. He was incredible, especially during the ending of Bad Company, the song, he really put on a display of power and precision this night.
   One thing that was evident, was that the band was not joking around with one another like they did in Orlando, which I hope is just something that could be attributed to this being the end of the reunion.
   I was able to get back stage for a "meet and greet" with the band. I didn't realize until later that the very woman I met in line was Sandhe, the widow of Paul Kossoff!!! Simon enthusiastically came out to the line specifically to find her, she was very, very nice to me and my wife, and I had a good time talking to the guys. It wasn't until later that I put 2 and 2 together to figure out who Sandhe was. She said that she was excited for a new Free biography coming out. Simon and Paul were happy to see her. I now have a Bad Company tour shirt that I will never wash because they all signed it. (hope to wear it in Atlanta!)
   I will have to admit that I really didn't know what to say to Simon, Boz and Mick, knowing that it was probably the last time I would ever see them onstage or backstage in the U.S. I hope they don't tour again with another singer with Bad Co. But if they need to, I'll support them. I told Simon that I enjoyed the Bad Company show I had seen many years ago with Brian Howe singing (and the brilliant Geoff Whitehorn on guitar!).
   Even though I was a bit drunk (ok, quite drunk), I was able to tell Paul about seeing him twice as a solo act, including the awesome Redondo Beach, California gig from six months ago. I forgot to have him sign my "Soul of Love" CD Single that I had with me. Although, I did manage to get an update on the British Symphony thing, it is his understanding that the tour will only be in Australia and France, sometime in the next few months.
   Like an idiot, I didn't ask him for the release date for the new solo CD or who plays on the CD. My assumption is that it will be the Howard Leese band that he is using on tour, but it would have been nice to confirm this. 
   I told the members of the band that the word in L.A. was that the last concert at the Greek Theatre was sold-out, they were happy about that.
   Some other highlights of the show was the new version of "Soul of Love", which starts out with Paul and Simon on acoustic guitars, then Mick comes out and does some nice lead work on electric guitar, and lastly during a repeating of the chorus, Boz comes out with tambourine and back-up vocals and led the audience in the clap along. Also, the version of Youngblood was exceptionally good this night. On the live CD, I look forward to hearing Paul's extended ad-libs on the ends of Ready for Love and Rock-n-Roll Fantasy.
   Because the temperature was 100?F at show time, it gave good excuse for Paul to strip his shirt off for the last 5-6 songs. He still is remaining in good physical shape (although my wife says that she thinks Simon Kirke is better looking than Paul), and if my guess is correct, the shortened set is intended to decrease wear and tear on his voice. I have compared his singing on a live concert I have a tape of from 1993 (with Neal Schon on guitar) against his singing on the Orlando Pay Per View, and I definitely feel that his voice is better now than at the beginning of his comeback 7 years ago.
   Well, that is about it, as before, I hope I've painted a picture for all of the fans that weren't able to see Paul or Bad Company over the last year. Now, sadly, with the original Bad Company retiring most likely for good, we have seen the last performance of a great band that deserves a prime spot in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
   Well, at least we still have the live CD and possibly a live video of the band last couple of weeks to look forward to. Maybe if the CD sells well, they would consider touring again.

   I was at the Phoenix Arizona show 8-7-99. Paul said they were taping for a live record. Here is the set list: Can't Get Enough, Movin' on, Ready for Love, new song Tracking down a runaway, Seagull, Sort it out, Guitar boogie jam, Feel like makin' love, Shootin' star, Hammer of love, Youngblood, Rock N' Roll Fantasy. Encore: Silver, Blue and Gold. Second Encore: Bad Company.
   Paul was in great voice. The band sounded terrific. He dedicated Shootin Star to those like Jimi and Janis.

Review by BMD in So Cal

"The Soundtrack Of Our Lives"

   By the time "Bad Company" hit the stage the arena was at about 95% capacity. The eager, impatient crowd erupted as the lights hit the stage showing Paul Rodgers wearing a blue tank top as the band began decimating the crowd with "Can't Get Enough". Good opener! They were in fine form indeed. When the song was over, Rodgers announced that these US concert dates are being recorded for a definite forthcoming "live" album. Based on what I heard and saw tonight I can hardly wait for its release. 
   Then they were into "Moving On" which surprised me greatly. This was the best I've heard these guys doing this number. Mick was in great form on this one. Kudos, Mick! 
   Next one was "Ready For Love". As this song neared its end it built to an amazing crescendo and was just absolutely outstanding. Mick's power chords on this were just wonderful. The rapport between him and Simon Kirke was just flawless. Without a doubt I'm reminded one more time that Paul Rodgers is the MASTER of adlib. He is just so incredible at it. As the song was thrashing towards the end all these previously unknown lyrics were coming forth from the soul of "The Voice", weaving and twisting thru the guitar chords and drums like the twisting and turning of a roller coaster ride at Disneyland. Of all the songs in this set this was my favorite. 
   The next one was "Tracking Down A Runaway". Pretty good, but they didn't seem to pull this song off in a "live" setting. The studio recording seems to have more beef to it. 
   Their acoustic part of the set began with a reasonable version of "Seagull". Ralphs, Kirke and Boz left the stage leaving Rodgers to do his solo thing here. One of the surprises of the evening was an acoustic version of "Soul Of Love" where Rodgers invited Simon Kirke to come down and join him on acoustic guitar. Rodgers began pulling Kirke's leg by talking to him in a Liverpudlian accent. The Simon Kirke/Ringo Starr connection obviously went over the heads of most of the audience. I think I was the only one there who knew what they were getting at. However, Rodgers and Kirke's acoustic guitar duet was absolutely flawless and they played as one. I really wish they would do an electric version of this with the full band. Nonetheless, Rodgers and Kirke pulled this one off very well indeed. 
   The other surprise for me was when Rodgers departed the stage leaving the remaining three band members to do a Freddie King instrumental entitled "Hideaway". A blues number which allowed Mick to play some really great blues guitar. In all these 25 or more years, I never knew Mick Ralphs had it in him, but I certainly do stand corrected now. 
   A topless, hairy, bare-chested Rodgers re-emerged on stage after this one to jump right into an amazingly dynamic, energy filled "Feel Like Making Love". Rodgers was in tip-top performance tonight on this one - the old mike stand across the leg and up in the air routine like it was 1974 all over again. Kirke in the background absolutely mercilessly pounding the bass drum and cymbals like a knife wielding Norman Bates in the shower scene of "Pyscho". This 50 year old, YES - 50-year-old (turned 50 on July 26) powerhouse, Schwarzenegger built drummer was in fantastic form and is an entire pounding rhythm section all on his own. 
   "Shooting Star" - Rodgers made a dedication to Jimi, Janis and Paul Kossoff -- "an old friend of mine and Simon's from Free." This one went over very well indeed and was amazingly powerful. 
   "Hammer Of Love" - a Rodgers composition, the best of the four new songs on the Anthology is another one they don't really pull off very well in concert. Sounds quite lackluster in concert but the crowd seemed to like it. 
   "Young Blood" - ho hum. Back in 1975 when I heard this on the "Run With The Pack" album, I wasn't greatly impressed. I absolutely cringed when they did this one tonight. However, it was a good vehicle for Boz's jazz talents with Rodgers emulating Ella Fitzgerald's jazz type vocals. They need to drop this one from their set. It is embarrassing to listen to, and to watch them performing this one live on stage. 
   The set ended with a very good version of "Rock And Roll Fantasy". Paul Rodgers adlibbing genius again at the end of this one showing off his unequivocal masterful vocal talents.  Leaving the stage for no more than two minutes they were back on doing "Silver, Blue and Gold". Rodgers vocals and piano playing on this were absolutely amazingly solid. They pulled this one off incredibly well but then what's new? 
   The last song of the evening was, yep! - none other than "Bad Company". Good God, I don't know what happened to this one - this was the best - and I do mean the BEST version of this song I have ever heard. Rodgers was absolutely maniacal on those black and white keys of that electric piano of his, venomously spitting out the lyrics with the force of a sidewinder springing on its defenseless prey. Merciless indeed. "Six Gun Sound - Is Our Claim To Fame" portion was superbly complemented by an unabashed Simon Kirke thrashing on his snare drum, emulating gun fire, as a myriad of overhead lights beat down on the stage in unison. Great stuff, I love it! 
   And then it was all over and the long, lonesome trip back to Los Angeles for your hoarse, voiceless but very happy intrepid reporter began.  
   Summary: Without a doubt in my mind - "Bad Company" with Paul Rodgers  ARE BACK -- and with a vengeance. When I saw Rodgers in concert in  Los Angeles (1997) with his "mannequins-in-a-store-window" band  playing a miserable support to Lynyrd Skynyrd I was convinced he was  nothing but another washed-up, faded, jaded has-been. Now I believe in  reincarnation. All the best, most notorious criminals do return to the  scene of the crime! You really can go home, after all.  "Bad Company", without a shadow of a doubt, is the BEST band of the  1990's, totally demolishing any and all of their miserable   "competition".  In these days of "MTV", "VH1", Shania Twain, rap, country and the  ilk it is a real breath of fresh air listening to, and watching these  seasoned MUSICIANS showing the rest of the music world how it should be  done. These four veterans leave them all standing at the starting gate.   Rodgers powerful vocals seem to have not diminished any over the years  and have actually grown even more powerful and dynamic than ever.  This was the best "Bad Company" concert I've been to since their debut  gig at Newcastle City Hall on March 9, 1974.   I can't wait for the long overdue, forthcoming "live" album to hit the  stores.  
   Thank you, Paul, Simon, Mick and Boz - Cheers, Mates!!  Here's to the next 25!! Welcome Back!  

San Jose
August 3, 1999

From Jjcmacascs
   Otis Redding would have been proud! I have always known that Paul Rodgers is a great rock and roll and blues singer, but the San Jose concert made me realize what a great great soul singer Paul is. I saw Paul with Jimmy Page in 1986 and solo at the Fillmore in 97, and while both shows were great, Paul's performance in San Jose was at a whole different level. He didn't just sing the songs, he possessed them, taking the audience on a journey through the emotional gamut of the human experience.
   I have never witnessed a vocal performance like Paul put on, the only comparable concert vocals that I have heard is the Sam Cooke C.D. "Live at the Harlem Square Club." The only problem was that the concert was too short. For example, the acoustic segment was fantastic but only two songs. Also, I would have loved to have heard some backup female vocalists for Paul to sing with, Mick, Simon and Boz are great musicians but they are not the greatest backup singers.
   Overall a great great show, but guys please don't make us wait another twenty years !

San Diego
August 1, 1999

From Mike
   From the opening chords of "Can't Get Enough" it was clear that the boys from Bad Company had not missed a beat in the roughly twenty years since they last toured. Playing at San Diego State's Open Air Theater, the band ran through a tight and diverse set featuring work from their first album to new songs and even a Freddie King instrumental blues jam called "Hideaway." All the band have held their ages well and Paul Rodgers looks more fit than rockers half his age. And what a voice he still has. One of the great things about this reunion tour is a reminder of the instrumental talent Bad Company possesses. Rodgers must be considered in the upper echelon of rock singers, Simon Kirke is one of the most underrated drummers today, Boz Burrell's funky bass was great and Mick Ralph's elegant guitar heroics were perfect all night. The only downer of the show was that they didn't play "Rock Steady," "Runnin' With the Pack," or " Burnin' Sky." Highlights of the evening were many, however, with "Ready for Love," "Shooting Star" and "Bad Company" standing out as powerful reminders of what this talented band can do when it gets cooking.
   If you can get to this show you must try because Bad Company puts on a great concert and the warmup group, the David Lee Roth Band, gets everyone cranking with a ton of vintage Van Halen songs that sound really close to the original band's glory years.
   Bad Company set list: (maybe not exact order)
Can't Get Enough
Movin' On
Ready for Love
Tracking Down a Runaway
Seagull (acoustic)
Soul of Love (acoustic)
Feel Like Makin' Love
Shooting Star
Hammer of Love
Rock & Roll Fantasy
Silver, Blue & Gold (first encore)
Bad Company (second encore)

From Joe
   My soul soars like the hawk after seeing the band back together in San Diego. BUT!!! Mick---where were you? Please don't think I'm just trying to bust yer chops just for the hell of it--because I'm not. You just sounded like you simply hadn't rehearsed at all! Dude, your technique heavily influenced my own sound and I say this with all due respect.
   Paul, you did a great job here in my home town, but please give us more of that incredible Bad Co. two guitar magic.
   BAD COMPANY defined the only musical era that so many of us here in southern California, or the world for that matter, can relate to as "OURS!" I know I speak for millions when I say: "It's high time you guys got back together!" Hope the four of ya se fit to do more tours.

Toledo OH
July 18, 1999 - International Park

From Jerry
   Today was a free concert sponsored by the local rock station here in Toledo at International Park featuring the original members of Bad Company. The first band started at around 3:00 PM and we waited in the 105+ heat index until about 7:30 for the real reason we had come. The audience was told to refrain from smoking until after the show which was not complied with at all. The wait was well worth it as Bad Company put on the best show I have seen in quite a while!
   Paul Rodgers came out wearing black pants and a short sleeved shirt which showed off his well developed biceps. This man looks as though he has spent the last 20 years in cryogenic suspension. He's in unbelievable shape! He kept on throwing the microphone stand up in the air and catching it as he sang. His vocals were superb as he belted out such classics as "Rock steady" and "Rock and roll fantasy" and helped out with the guitar work on "Hammer of love" which was excellent! The rest of the Guys, Mick, Simon and Boz were also sharp as they backed arguably the best voice in Rock and Roll history. They came on for one encore and Paul sat down at the piano for "Silver, blue and gold" and "Bad company".
   Anyone that has a chance to see this band had better do it while they can, because who knows how long it will last? I regret not going to Cobo Hall in Detroit to see them a short time ago. I'll definitely see them the next available chance! They are without a doubt the hottest ticket in Rock concerts for 1999!

From Steve
   On a hot and steamy evening, on an asphalt parking lot of International Park in Toledo, Ohio, Bad Company came into town last night and knocked out the crowd estimated at 40,000 people. Yes, you read it right, both radio and the local newspaper said 40,000.
   First off thanks to Lucy for helping us find the place as this was a last minute add on show in Ohio. The concert was the climax of an outdoor event sponsored by local radio station WIOT as several local bands warmed up for our guys from about three in the afternoon. Before the group had hit the stage at 7:30 it was obvious by the local DJ's reaction that they were not prepared for this kinda turnout. When my wife and I finally fought our way to a place we could see (about 50 feet from the stage) the group up front was in the middle of hurling half empty water bottles all over the place (big mistake selling these at the concert). This was followed by about a dozen of Toledo's more intoxicated ladies taking turns baring all to the approval of the huge crowd.
   Needless to say by the time the boys hit the stage the crowd was nearly out of control. They played the same set as several of you have mentioned in the other reviews. A couple of high lights included during Ready for Love when about six of the local vixens had worked their way near each other and everytime Paul sang the refrain Ready for Love the girls proved they were ready. Paul singing this ballad with his eyes closed as usual opened them at one point and fell back laughing when he got an eye full.
   By the time the encore came around with Silver, Blue, and Gold (that alone made the show worth it) the huge crowd again was on the virge of a riot and Mick actually asked them to settle down a bit as the plastic water bottles were starting to get to close to the stage and you could sense things were getting out of control.
   Needless to say Paul was as enthusiastic as ever and MAN is he in great shape it was so hot he spent most of the concert out of his black vest. What a show...Folks DO NOT MISS THIS TOUR!!!

From Garrett
   So sorry I was late with this review of the Toledo show of July 18th, our server was down! How else can you improve upon perfection? My wife Wanda and I had already seen the BAND on pay-per-view, and a month ago saw Paul's solo act in Cincinnati, so we kinda knew the set list- but it was fantastic to see the originals LIVE!
   Paul Rodgers is a gift. Barring any age, this guy looks great. Wanda could barely contain herself, but at least she kept her clothes on! Too bad I couldn't say the same thing about most of the rest of the women in attendance... hey, I worship the female anatomy as well as the next guy (and I'm sure Bad Company didn't mind), but damn, after awhile it almost became too distracting to watch the band. But hey, how can you blame the gals- Paul Rodgers is the quintessential (look it up) lead rock singer, it don't get no better than this guy. As he is the greatest rock male singer (my opinion) ever, you owe it to yourself to see this guy live before it's too late.
   It was interesting to see how the songs have evolved since the pay-for-view, but special mention must go to Boz Burell's bass playing. His practice of theory has paid off big time, and being a bass player myself, it was a pure treat for me to listen to his new treatment of the old songs. For others interested, there is a great article on him in the latest issue of Bass Player magazine (fall '99), explaining how he found and honed his chops after the band dissolved - worth the read! Of course Simon was rock steady, and Mick is truely the Bad Company sound, they were fantastic!

From Dan
   I went to the Bad Company show in Toledo and it was a fantastic show the Band worked thru a heatwave of almost 100 degrees for a 69 minute show that did not dissapoint. The city of Toledo should hold their heads proud, they put on a fantastic show for the people of Toledo. I live in the Dayton area and it was well worth the drive. Paul Rodgers sounds like he did 20 years ago-awesome. Toledo looks like a great city and they sure got a great show.

July 17, 1999

From Eddie
   Just got back from the Dallas show. UNBELIEVABLE! This was my tenth time to see Paul Rodgers in the last 20 years. He keeps getting better everytime. My rock and roll fantasy was fulfilled with Silver Blue and Gold. David Lee Roth IS Van Halen. He proved that in front of 11000 + Texas fans.

From Darren and Angela
   I recently attended the Bad Company show in Dallas Texas and was not dissapointed. Me and my "Badco baby" Angela, drove from Tulsa Oklahoma to see our favorite band. After the five hour drive, we were quite anxious to see them!
   David Lee Roth opened the show with his usual obnoxious stage antics, but besides avoiding his trademark screams, sounded pretty good for a man who's gone through twenty-plus years of sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll. The highlight of the show was his demonstration that he can twirl a staff better than he can sing, and after one too many back-roundhouses he nearly fell on his ass!
   Bad Company quickly replaced the opening act, and proved that their seventies sound is much more appealing than todays alternative youth in our opinion. Just three or four years ago we were asking each other "what if" Paul rejoined Bad Company, and ironically we got free tickets on a spur of the moment grand opening of a biker shop in Tulsa!
   Angela cried on "Silver, Blue, and Gold, and even though we didn't have the best seats, the sound of Paul's voice was dancing effortlessly throughout the Reunion Center. We believe that Paul doesn't get near the recognition he deserves, after all who's voice can hang with his? And me being an ultimate fan, was amazing people by guessing which song was coming next by hearing a few warm-up chords from an aging but wonderful Mick Ralphs.
   Overall the show seemed very short, but having missed their show in the seventies, we were having the times of our lives listening to all the classic songs that brought back memories of seventies excess. Even met a fan who showed me a signed concert ticket from a show over twenty years ago, that he had carried in his wallet, yes the Badco fans are a trite sentimental! We releished our "Rock-n-Roll fantasy", and look forward to Paul's new Cd coming out in October. If you get a chance, go to the show as it was unforgettable.

Greenville SC
July 15, 1999

From Tim, guitarist of Blues Cat
   This is my review of the July 15th original Bad Company show in Greenville, SC. First, I would like to thank Lucy for inviting me to go to the show. And as all the Free and Bad Company fans worldwide know, we all love Lucy! Sorry Rob was out of town and could not make the show. But Rob, I still came in with my binoculars not knowing I would be on the 3rd row center stage (a nice Lucy and Rob trick on Tim). I was happy just to be invited and really enjoyed the show with my new friends Steve & Kim.
   It is really hitting me today just how incredible a show it was. The seats were perfect. I think their show was perfect. I don't see how they could have ever been tighter, only younger and wilder. No, Mick Ralphs may not be a guitar virtuoso but he is a damn fine rhythm player with a tasty solo here and there and he holds the rhythm groove. Think Keith Richards, Steve Cropper. Rhythm Guitar is a shamefully underappreciated art that all the lead guitar one string tapping, flying wonders don't get. Chunking a rhythm guitar is the melody and foundation of the song. A busy body guitarist would take away from Paul's singing, not embellish it. But that is just this guitarist's opinion. I was very suprised to see Simon come out and play acoustic with Paul on a number (quite well too Simon!) But the surprise of the night came just after that and Paul says the boys have been working on an instrumental number and they are going to do Hideaway (by Freddie King). It was not the aggressive version most people know by a young Clapton with John Mayall's Bluesbreakers. It was actually a very cool version. It was a slower funkier version Mick kept it true to the original but had a little fun with it too. Simon got to play around with the stops and then Mick looked at Boz and Boz took off into a funky jazz bass solo. A great added treat!
   Boz is brilliant he almost solos while always still holding the rock solid bottom down. It's like having to an extra player on stage. He and Simon play so well together. Simon was like twenty wild horses galloping in step all night. I still can't get over how powerful he was standing that close to him. I could feel his drumming (from his drums) before they went through all of the loud speakers. I have always thought he was one of the most underated drummers. And after last night I know that I'm right. Simon plays the song instead of all the flashy crap that gets your typical concert dimwits attention. He plays as powerful as John Bonham ever did and he sure as hell had my attention the whole night. Paul is like the finest cognac he just keeps getting better and is incapable of singing a bad note. It is a spiritual experience to hear him sing in person. Again being that close to Paul you see how effortless it is to him. It is something special to see him change his delivery on the spot of the words he has sang so many times. His voice is really an instrument. It's like watching a great jazz musician like Miles Davis or John Coltrane.
   The set list was just right. They chose the most powerful Bad Company songs. Lucy went up to the front stage and the security was a little overboard so I didn't want to risk getting moved back to the seats. I was only 6 feet away anyway. It was cool to hear Paul say hello Lucy (loos) about three times between songs.
   Backstage later, it was an added treat to see Lucy pull a photo she had taken back stage of Free when they were very young at a club and Simon and Paul trying to remember preshow or aftershow. It was preshow for the record.
   And getting the opportunity to go back stage and meet the original Bad Company was a thrill I will not forget. Ok, Ok I didn't bore them with introducing myself. But I did talk to Simon, Boz and Mick. Paul was busy talking to Lucy and I didn't want to interupt the Great Britain chat. And what could I say to Paul that hasn't been said a million times before. He did seem the most shy of the group and I suffer from the same problem, so I don't know if I could have said to him what I have written about him anyway but I mean it just the same.
   Mick thought he had met me in Philadelphia recently. I just have a common mug, I guess. Mick, I wish I had of been there! But it was an honor meeting you in Greenville though! And I do think the Wizard Amps sound like early Marshalls as I discussed with you and Boz. Because Marshall sure doesn't make amps anymore that sound like the Marshall amps I love.
   If this is the last Bad Company shows ever, anyone near one of their shows owes it to yourself to go see them. I drove 150 miles since they aren't playing Atlanta. It is worth the drive.You will be glad you went!! I know Paul is always out there singing his heart out with his band but I hope that Simon, Mick and Boz all come back soon with other projects.
   Thanks to Bad Company for giving us fans a chance to see one of the greatest bands ever live again. And once again, thanks to Lucy, for the opportunity to go enjoy the music of the Original Bad Company.

July 14, 1999
Market Square Arena

From Barry in Sunnivale, California
   Well, what can I say? I've seen Bad Company twice before (with Brian Howe and Robert Hart) but have always wanted to see the original lineup. Let me tell you, I wasn't disappointed!!!
   First of all, I was in the 6th row center so I was in a perfect vantage point. They hit the ground running with "Can't Get Enough" and were off. The first thing I noticed though was that the sound was not mixed properly as Paul's voice wasn't in front enough and Boz's bass was way too loud and intrusive. But hey, I'm not complaining because this was The Boys. They played most songs we wanted to hear like "Ready For Love", "Rock Steady", etc. Paul and Mick did a nice version of "Seagull" and then Paul and Simon did an acoustic version of Paul's song "Soul Of Love." I had heard that earlier in the tour they were doing three of the four new songs off the anthology but only did "Tracking Down A Runaway" and "Hammer Of Love". The highlight of the night to me was when they did "Rock 'N Roll Fantasy" as this is my favorite Bad Company song.
   When they came out for the encores the piano was rolled out and Paul started singing "Silver, Blue & Gold." I got the impression this song was added after people complained about them not doing it earlier in the tour. The closer was "Bad Company".
   Basically they showed that they still got it and I can only hope that a album of all new songs will be forthcoming followed by anther tour. David Lee Roth opened and I enjoyed his show very much because it was like seeing the original Van Halen as most songs he did were from that time. Dave looked great and still has it too. A great night overall!!!!

From Big Ron
   Well I finally saw Bad Company (Indianapolis 7-14). I am a avid fan and unfortunately did not get to see them in the 70's because of previous commitments. The concert was shorter than the pay per view version , which was a letdown. But it was still good. Paul Rodgers proves that he is the best "frontman" in the business. His vocals were tremendous; especially on "Rock Steady" (best song of the nite), "Hammer of Love" and "Ready for Love". Simon Kirke did a nice job on drums. Mick was better than the pay per view special and Boz was Boz (not much movement). The only disappointments was the crowd (approx. 5,000) and they did not play; "Good Lovin Gone Bad", "Live for the Music" and "Burnin Sky"; instead they opted for "Youngblood" and "Silver Blue and Gold" on the encore of all things but even with that it was very good and "Paul is The Man".
   David Lee Roth was the opening act and he was fired up because he was born in Indiana (Bloomington). Diamond Dave is age 45 going on 10! Some things never change!
   A good suggestion for all Bad Company fans is see Paul and his solo act; well worth it. Can't wait for his new album, late this year.

Alpine Valley - East Troy WI
July 10, 1999

From Peter
   I left Alpine Valley (July 10) last night with a very good feeling. Seeing Paul, Boz, Simon, ect. on stage made me realize that great rock and roll is still being played and appreciated.
   All the lights were out at Alpine Valley when the boys came out rocking with Can't Get Enough of Your Love. What a great opener! It really got the crowd roaring. Later when Shooting Star was played, a very cool backround of stars was on the stage. Paul had the crowd sing along to many of the songs, which took away from his superb vocals. Towards the end, they did an awesome acoustic song called Seagull. Encores on the baby-grand by Paul were nonetheless unbelieveable. Their self-titled Bad Company got the crowd dancing and singing.
   Bad Company did not disappoint! See them and they will keep you Rockin' Steady!

July 8, 1999

From Ephie
   Saw Bad Co last night (July 8) at the New World Music Center near Chicago. What a show! I am considering blowing off my grandma's 100th birthday party next week so I can see them again, in Indianapolis.
   I am a huge fan, and first saw them in '79 during the Desolation Angels tour. Rock and Roll fantasy sounds just as great 20 years later. These guys can still rock steady. Mick, Boz and Simon were great, Pauls voice is still one of the best in Rock and Roll and the show was terrific! They played basically the same set you read about EXCEPT.......
   The encore was truly a dream come true. Out rolls a piano. My fingers were let me buy a vowel, because O MY GOD! They did Silver, Blue and Gold! I was jumping up and down like a lunatic and shaking my poor husband. It was fantastic! They finished with Bad Company. Of course I'd have liked them to play longer, HOURS longer, and more songs, but once I heard "In the beginning...." I knew that MY rock and roll fantasy had come true. I had no complaints. The crowd was on thier feet thru the whole show and the band never dissappointed. I also really enjoyed Shooting Star, the whole crowd was encouraged to sing along and it was great hearing the collective voice of the (kind of small) crowd, knowing they were enjoying it so much, Youngblood was memorable as they kind of jazzed it up, and Rock Steady was great as the crowd sang backup.........Paul said we were the best crowd yet.....AND I BELIEVE HIM!
   If you get a chance to see Bad Company, JUST DO IT. You will not be dissappointed. Well worth a 2 and a half hour drive...or more.

Scranton PA
July 6, 1999

From Kevin
   I recently attended the BadCo concert in Scranton, PA. I had a great time. My sister and I who have been fans for a long time, attended and were not disappointed. We were able to get into the Seventh Row. What a treat seeing the boys play. Like everyone else who has written in, I was amazed at Paul's vocals. His voice still sounds as powerful as ever. I couldn't help thinking what a great time that they were all having, and it really came across in their playing and enthusiasm on stage.
   I really hope they decide to put out another album, and to do some more touring. I just "Can't Get Enough"!!

July 3, 1999

   Just wanted to express my feelings on the Bad Co. show I attended last night at the Mann Center in Philadelphia. First, MAN IT WAS HOT!!!! I've been to almost 300 concerts in my life and I've NEVER attended a show where I was soaking wet BEFORE the show even started! I was very disappointed in the small crowd (only about 2/3 full). I don't understand it!
   Anyway, the DLR band came on at 8PM and had the place rockin' with mostly a set of classic Van Halen songs. I am a big Van Halen fan, but have never been a fan of Roth (he's a clown in my eyes)! I must say though that he did a great job last night. It's just too bad he's such a JERK and unprofessional.
   Bad Co. came on around 9:20PM and showed what REAL rock and roll is all about!!! The set list was basically the same as in other places (except no "Hey Hey"), and their performance was nothing short of GREAT! Mick Ralphs was really rippin' it up on guitar at this show and Paul as usual was fantastic. Simon continues to be one of the most unsung drummers in the rock world. No he's not flashy, but man can he kill those skins! Boz did his usual steady job.
   All in all it was a great night of Rock & Roll!!!

From Franko in Delaware
   Just seen one of the greatest bands EVER!!! Live at the Mann Music Center in Philly. I managed to get backstage during the soul of love acoustic song and had the time of my life!!!! Pauls vocals were AWESOME!! Met some of the crew and got a copy of the setlist a drumstick a few guitar pics and some band fliers!!! Talked with Boz right before the 1st encore and asked him if they all could sign some stuff after the show for me. He kindly said no problem, I was escorted in and met the band and got some autographs.Paul and the band treated me like Good Family. They were worn out after a 95+ degree heat index day and still took the time to sign many peoples albums posters CDs and my setlist all with smiles a mile wide on there faces!!
   They really LOVE their FANS and we all LOVE them !! Its all part of my Rock n Roll Fantasy....It came true for me if you get a chance to see them LIVE do not miss it for the World!! I missed out on the TieDyed Bad Co shirts in the lot after the show anyone have a few I could buy or maybe trade for give me an Email - Thanks....
   Best show I've seen since PINK FLOYD in Philly at the Vet in 94'.

From Debbie in Dover Delaware
   Well, it's never too late to have a happy childhood....Saturday night I finally got to see Bad Company live in Philadelphia---something I never had a chance to do in my teens. To add to the excitement, my 15 yeard old son (who LOVES Rock & Roll) and his friend joined me. Bad Company TOTALLY lived up to expectations, showing what good, clean rock & roll is all about. (Which is more than I can say about David Lee Roth!) Voices were great! The guitar and drums were incredible!
   I danced non-stop in my seat and was drenched in sweat in the 95+ heat----but hey, it reminded me of a summer night in '75 when I danced to Bad Company music at a small bar on a lake in up-state New York. Memories...isn't that what rock & roll is about???
   Bad Company---thanks for the memories both now and in the past!!!!

From Jonathan
   I just caught the Philly show on a hot and sticky night at the Mann center in Philly on Saturday, July 4th eve. I hope you serious Rock & Roll fans were out of town at some cool vacation spot because that's the only excuse I'm accepting. There were a bunch of empty seats for a show that deserved a sell-out and a half. I came from NYC for the show, realizing that they left my humble town off of the tour schedule.
   It was my first Bad Company show and it was worth the wait. Paul Rodgers is everything as advertised and much much more. That guy is phenominally talented and exudes joy while exhibiting his ability. Cant Get Enough was good but it seemed like they were settling in. Rock Steady was poignant with Paul handling this high register range tester with ease. But by the end of Ready For Love, Paul went into a trippy tangent that alerted the audience that he was willing to let his freak flag fly. That Shooting Star tune blows me away. (I very much enjoyed the Simon Kirke version with Ringo and the All Starr Band.) Paul and the Band, played the killer tune for all it was worth.
   They closed with Rock & Roll Fantasy and I guess my only complaint is that Paul let the crowd sing the chorus and we didn't do it any justice. I am blessed to have seen this show. Go catch it in a neighhborhood near you.

From Cheryl
   We were rocking at the Mann Music Center in Philadelphia last Saturday, July 3rd with the greatest band ever. Paul sounded great and he looks great too. What a unique voice that man has. I have always loved him and couldn't believe when I heard he was coming to town. The show wasn't even sold out and I spent LOTS of money just to be up front to catch everything.
   It was well worth it. There was a man sitting next to me who had seen Paul in 1979 and had a snapshot of him in his pocket. The security guards let him through in the beginning of the show and he went up and handed it to Paul. Paul laughed when he saw it. They did a lot of the hit songs like (can't get enough ) etc. I just wish they could have played them all. I really like the Burnin' Sky album and they didn't play anything from that one.
   Hope they decide to come back soon. Would love to hear them again. Paul is still ROCKIN' STEADY....................great show.

From Annie
   We saw Bad Company at the Mann Music Center on July 3rd, what a great concert! Paul Rodgers sounded beautiful, as I expected!! The last time I saw them was probably back in 1978 at the "Spectrum", it was great to see them perform once again. I wished Paul would have done "Hey, Hey", (maybe they just forgot it, it was 95 degrees!!)
   My favorite song was at the end, Paul belting out "Bad Company" on the piano, that was awesome!! I really wished they would of come back out for another set, but fans were already leaving the show! I was extremly disappointed in the fans, I think a lot of them were there for David Lee Roth, (who was obnoxious!) Bad Company deserved much better, Phila!!

Bethlehem PA
July 1, 1999 - Stabler Arena

   Caught Bad Co. at Stabler Arena, Bethlehem Pa last night and once again the kings are back. Same set as before, but the songs really packed a punch and the chemistry is still very powerful. Despite playing a small arena, to a not full but very loyal and VOCAL crowd, the boys rocked like it was Madison Square Garden. Paul's voice is still amazing and the music was powerful and moving, as it was, hearing it for the first time so many years ago.
   Really enjoyed Simon joining Paul on acoustic guitar for "Soul of Love," Boz on tambourine and Mick stinging with the Les Paul, it was truly great to see heroes from a long time gone rekindling the magical sprit of a music from a time when the music was presented as music and not as dancing commercials. Thanks Boz, Simon, Mick and Paul for giving so much to a small but VERY APPRECIATIVE crowd. Long may the pack run.

From Ryan
   I live in N. New Jersey and drove to Allentown to see Bad Co. at Stabler Arena. I was very dissappointed with the size of the crowd, but it didn't seem to phase the band. They poured their heart into the performance. I believe they would have played if only 10 people showed up.
   Two nights later, I drove to Philadelphia to see them at the Mann. The crowd was much larger, and the band had the same intensity, large crowd or small. In 1995 I saw Bad Co. at the PNC Arts Center, and Hart complained about the size of the crowd. At both shows I attended, nobody sat down. Fans were dancing in the isles and singing out loud. To finally hear Paul Rodgers sing all those hits live was a dream come true.
   It was one of the best and entertaining concerts I've been to in years. If you can see them live, go. It's worth it.

June 30, 1999 - Tweeter Center

From Trixie
   Bad Company was outstanding! Paul Rodgers voice was as sweet and smooth as honey. He looked better than he has in years. Mick Ralphs still kicks butt on guitar with those agile fingers making those strings sing, Boz Burrel looked under the weather but that didn't stop him from keeping that outstanding Bad Co. sound going strong and with Simon Kirke behind his drum kit cranking out the beat with high intensity this is one concert that will take Bad Company fans on a blast from the past. When Paul and Mick went acoustical it was intense.
   Even though it's been seventeen years since they last played together you'd never know it the way they connected on stage. This was true Bad Company at it's asskicking best. If you've never seen Bad Company perform live before this concert is a must. If you have seen them perform live in the past you have to go to this concert just to see and hear for yourself that Paul, Mick, Boz and Simon sound just as incredible now (if not better) as they did many years ago.
   Bad Company is living proof you can go home again. If by chance you saw them on pay per view from Orlando, FL then you already know you're in for one hell of a show.

"Regis and Kathy Lee Live"
June 29, 1999
Syndicated American Televison, New York

From Dave in Calvert County, Maryland
   Set List: Can't Get Enough, Hey Hey (outro), Shooting Star (intro), Feel Like Makin Love (outro), Movin On.

   In one of the more bizarre mornings I can remember, I enjoyed my morning coffee with the original Bad Company interacting with Regis Philbin and his wife Joy. Kathy Lee picked the wrong day to take off.
   This is a live broadcast, so the band was literally performing in the nine o'clock hour on the east coast. And I must say that Paul Rodgers sounds better at 9 AM than do most singers at midnight.
   The segment began with a montage of album covers zoomin in and out, with the track "Bad Company" thundering on in the backround. This followed with a surprisingly gracious introduction from Regis Philbin, calling them "giants" of the seventies, and heartily endorsing the Anthology. With that, Regis gave way to a set bathed in red and blue, featuring a fireplace behind Simon Kirke's spartan kit, and the boys were off into a tight, concise "Can't Get Enough".
   Paul was wearing a snake-print tank and some smart silver pants (more on that later). Mick was in another great cabana shirt (I must shop where this guy does), Boz in some cool shades playing the 5-string. They blew through this number (call it "Can't Play Enough") as it was without a guitar solo. Ah, the contraints of commercial television.
   With that, Regis and Joy approached Paul and exclaimed "He's still got it!". Thanks for the newsflash, Regis. You could tell Paul was somewhat bemused. Then a wave of the hand from Regis, and he barks out "Play something!". The band takes us out to a commercial with the opening verse of "Hey Hey".
   Returning from the break, Paul is wrapping up "Shooting Star", and the audience is estatic. They'd obviously had their asses kicked while we were away.
   Regis introduces the band individually. Raucous applause for Paul. He refers to Ralphs as "Mickey", and called Simon Kirke "Kirkey". Somehow he gets Boz Burrell right. He remembers Kirke when he mentions Ringo. The interview takes place on the set. They talk primarily to Paul, asking about the reunion, how it came together, etc. Paul playfully suggests it was a "week ago". He indicates they stopped playing in 1981 so that he could be with his "little family". Joy asks about the name, and Paul tells of a Victorian novel that a mate had across the street growing up, which contained a picture of some street thugs and a small kid looking up at them, with a caption to avoid getting caught up in Bad Company.
   Regis flashes the before and after photos of the band from the Anthology and Boz jokingly suggests we check out a 2 yr old shot of Regis. Tour dates are mentioned in Philly, Dallas and LA. Another outro to a commercial, this time to the chorus of "Feel Like Makin Love", over which is a plug for tomorrow's program featuring file tape of the lovely Mira Sorvino. How appropriate.
   Next up is a comedian named Bob Bellamy, who plays a voice on a children's program. He's generally funny, but he can't help mentioning that he has to get a pair of pants "like that dude in Bad Company". After a few more lines like this, Paul comes walking out with the silver pants over his arm, having changed into some brown slacks. The audience roars with laughter as Paul hands the pants to the comedian, and says "Here you go, I hope they do for you what they've done for me!" The comedian is bowled over. "My girlfiend says you can have them" says an exiting Paul. Another commercial.
   Finally, to close the show, Regis re-introduces the band and they're off into "Movin On", but this time with Bellamy wearing the silver pants and gyrating next to Paul like Elvis. A gleeful Paul can barely get the lyrics out. All in all, there are worse ways to enjoy your morning coffee.

Atlantic City
June 27, 1999 - Trump Marina

From Mario in Monterrey, Mexico
   Just got back from vacation in New York and took the chance to see Bad Company in Atlantic City (Trump Marina), I have the privilege of being in the 7th row in the center of the stage so I had a great view. The show started at 8 PM with an amazing performance by Leslie West (Mountain), he played some great songs like Never in my life, Tales of an Imaginary Western and Mississippi Queen.
   Bad Company was next, the performance was great, Simon Kirke energy is just amazing. Paul?s singing was very good, Boz backed up with great bass and Mick played some great riffs. The song list was the same (as seen in other reviews in this site) as Washington and Winston Salem, but, what amazed me was, that in the accustic version of Paul?s "Soul of love" was Paul on guitar along with Simon Kirke,who did a great job on accustic. It was a great performance but I was expecting to hear other songs, at least one of the Burning Sky CD.
   Bad Company still rocks and I hope they could give us (fans) the opportunity of having a new whole Bad Co. album in the future, the four new songs sound great.

From the Plotkin Family
   What a beautiful evening to see Bad Company, great setting, seagulls flying overhead, the ocean in the background. The boys came out looking great, Boz in a tie-dye shirt & vest with his green hair (!!), Simon smiling, Paul clad in a gold tee shirt & gold crushed velvet pants, & Mick in a black & white Hawaiian shirt.
   They started with Can't get enough & the crowd went wild, singing & on their feet for most of the show. Followed by Honey Child, Rock Steady, Ready for Love (Paul really did this one up, looked like he was singing to his sweetie), Shooting star (dedicated it to lots of people, Hendrix & Paul Kossoff), Tracking down a runaway (something happened to his guitar during this song, but he sang it great), Moving on, then Mick & Boz hopped off stage & out came the acoustic guitars & Paul introduced Seagull, how & when he wrote it & he & Simon played together, it was great. Then Paul did Soul Of Love & the boys all came out & helped him...After this came feel like making Love, Hey Hey (this really rocked...!!!), Hammer of Love (mentioning he & his little darling wrote it), Young Blood.
   They finished with Rock N' Roll Fantasy... Came back for an encore with Run with the Pack on the piano, Paul was great... Then ended with Bad Company. It was fantastic.. They were great.. The crowd was wonderful & everyone really appreciated them.
   We were lucky enough to receive after show passes. The show ended (wished it could have gone on for 2 more hours!!) & we knew which gate to go to. We waited with about 10 other people, one of which was Ken Sharp a writer from Goldmine magazine who did the 97 interview on Paul Rodgers, & the recent interview & article on Bad Company. That was really cool talking to him. We waited about 30 minutes & then we were escorted to a back area where the guys were sitting at a long table.
   This was absolutely fantastic!!! We stood on line, receiving posters being handed out by a radio station. My kids Michael & Cassandra had made 2 big posters with all their hit songs & symbols to go with all the songs. One poster was for the band to keep & the other was for them to sign!! When it was our turn in line, Simon saw the kids & the posters, stood up & said "Debi how are you?" I was so excited that he remembered my name. The guys were so impressed with the poster that the kids made for them. They all looked it over, & commented on the Star & comet for Shooting Star, the heart & hammer over it for Hammer of Love.... Paul started to talk to Cassandra asking her where she's from & how to spell her name & he started to sign the poster, "Keep Rockin Steady Cassandra, Love Paul Rodgers" with a smile face & xx (kisses!). Ken Sharp's wife took a great pic of me next to Paul (with his arm around me!!!), my husband Paul & the kids.
   Then we moved on down the line to Simon. At this point Paul asked Michael if they could really keep the poster, & Mike said "Ya, this is for you." Paul then took this big poster & asked one of his assistants to "put it on the bus carefully"!!!!!!!!! Simon was talking to Mike a lot & commenting on how great the poster was & how special it was to them & Mike asked him for a drumstick & Simon motioned to someone to go & get him a drumstick which is signed by Simon!! My son is in his glory!!!
   Mick was flirting with Cassandra telling her how beautiful she was & how old was she, & she was beaming & answering him shyly!! He was all the time waving to her & smiling at her. She was so excited!!! He signed the poster "You are very special to us, Love Mick Ralphs."
   Then we were in front of Boz, & Mike & Paul had this great conversation with Boz about his green hair. He was so funny, Paul & Mike had a blast with him. He signed the poster & then I asked if I could have a pic with Simon, & he said sure. At this point one of the managers yelled no pictures, & Simon stood up, pulled me in his arms & said , "She's special" & my husband took a pic of us, & so did Ken Sharp's wife.
   Then we were done, we thanked them all, I shook Simon's hand & thanked him. He said thanks to us (couldn't believe how wonderful they were to all of us) & we started to walk out. Cynthia was there & she waved to Cassandra & we both smiled & waved back to her. She's beautiful. It was a thrill of a lifetime for me & my children. It was our Rock N Roll fantasy.

Washington DC
June 24, 1999 - MCI Center

From Dave in Calvert County, Maryland
   Set List: Can't Get Enough, Honey Child, Rock Steady, Ready for Love, Tracking Down a Runaway, Shooting Star, Seagull, Soul of Love, Movin On, Hammer of Love, Young Blood, Hey Hey, Feel Like Makin Love, Rock and Roll Fantasy
   Encores: Running with the Pack, Bad Company

   The original members of Bad Company took DC's Chinatown with a vengeance last night in what I believe is their first-ever appearance in the District proper. Concerts in their heyday were performed at the suburban Captial Centre in years past.
   Paul Rodgers, looking robust in a sequined vest over a blue tank top, snake boots and wallet-chain, dominated the proceedings from beginning to end. Whether weilding the mike stand like a saber, or mastering the guitar or piano, its impossible to not understate the man's natural charisma. How this band ever contemplated performing under their name without him is regrettable.
   While it was a sparse crowd in the 8-10 thousand range, they were obviously very excited to see the band. Many songs were sung in unison, which seemed to please Rodgers.
   The tie-dye clad Boz Burrell and the aggressive Simon Kirke played with a pendantic clarity which Rodgers fed off of with precision, particulary the extended Young Blood intro. And the cheerful Mick Ralphs played with a relaxed intensity, looking like a Key West bartender in his print cabana shirt. I found his playing much sharper than on the Orlando video.
   The evening had a certain melancholia about it, seeing these great musicians triumphantly enter their middle ages after having seen them perform with such youth and swagger in back in the seventies. But the great thing about Bad Company has always been the spirit these men embraced and personified in their music, and its a quality that was proven last night to be timeless. Long may you run, gentlemen.
   Its nice to see such character on display in the Nation's Capital for a change.

From John
   One of the more balleyhooed events of this summers' concert season has been the long anticipated return of the original Bad company lineup. These mighty London lads once commanded entire stadiums on a practically global basis, and the obvious question on my mind was, is this gonna' make the last 17 years of enduring usurpers, pretenders, and an out-and-out flunkie or two worth the wait? My answer to that would be, in all respect, yes-and no.
   As the band kicked off their set with a rock-solid Cant get enough, I noticed the ovation emanating from the mostly thirty-ish audience seemed like a salutation reserved for an old buddy rather than the primal, gut-spilling ululations normally associated with a rock show. The quality of sound in the venerable, fifteen-thousand-seat, 85% filled MCI center was noticeably hollow, with a lack of musical information in the midrange through the hall. This problem plagued the band on and off all night. The band has aged quite visibly,but the rock and roll glands are still packing a wallop.
   Paul's voice, one of the most powerful in rock, was in great form all night. Not too many vocalists of any genre can boast his range, projection, and emotion at fifty. With the Firm, his chops were present, but his enthusiasm for the material was not. Back in his element, he really shone. Simon Kirke's drumming (with the synchro-pads attached to the lighting rig) was like a freight train, solid, dead-on, and unstoppable. Boz Burrell's bassmanship was firm, yet also intrinsically melodic, as it has always been. His custom Lakland 5-string really punched those classic lines with newfound authority and articulation. My only dissapointment came from Mick Ralphs' somewhat perfunctory performance. Now, I have nothing against a guy who shuns the now-tired "guitar-god" bag, but resident would-be hero Ralphs never once really took off. He was much more inspired 6/18/78 on the Burning Sky tour, almost 21 years to the date.
   A brief acoustic set saw a genuinely heartfelt Seagull with Paul and Mick donning high-end Guild axes. The first encore, Running with the Pack, had Paul displaying well-oiled piano chops, which led right into their epynomous theme song. An improvised "rave-up" section during the latter had the crowd on their feet, roaring approval. 
   Bad Company left me (as well as everyone else) convinced that these aging rockers can still crank with the best and give a sensitive delivery where need be.

From Richard in Vienna, Virginia
   The Bad Company MCI Center concert was a long awaited Rock and Roll Fantasy come true. The experience of the group was evident throughout the evening. Simon Kirke played with the same energy he had 25 years ago and Paul Rodgers vocals were clear and concise. Mick and Boz stayed in their usual positions and put out high quality music. The visual effects during Shooting Star ( with stars in the background ) were moving and other background effects ( band letters Bad Co rotating around in the background screen) during Hey Hey was a nice touch to the show. Overall the crowd in the 80% filled MCI center were excited especially during top radio hits like Feel Like Making Love and Rock n Roll Fantasy.
   As a long time Paul Rodgers and Bad Company fan I would have liked to see them do some Burning Sky songs and other classics like Gone, Gone, Gone but they still have many more shows to perform. The overall audience enjoyed the show so much that many people wanted more songs from the top act in Rock and Roll but Bad Company gave us just what we needed.

From Mike in Washington D.C.
   I saw the greatest band (Bad Company) ever in rock n roll history on Thursday (6/24/99) at the MCI arena in downtown Washington D.C. They played the same set as they played on the pay per view last month. The MCI arena show was better because I got to see them live and in person. Mr. Rodgers vocals were outstanding and Mick, Boz and Simon were excellent. The encores were Run with the Pack and Bad Co. I recommend anyone who has a chance to see the concert in your area to go see them!!!
   The MCI arena was almost filled up and the age range varied from the young to old. We couldn't get enough of the band after the concert so we played the Burning Sky album on the way home. If Bad Co tours again next year I suggest they play two or three nights in Washington DC. I am 36 years old and they are the best group I have ever seen in concert!
   Also the opening show with David Lee Roth was excellent. He did a lot of Van Halen songs and showed a lot of energy in his performance.

June 23, 1999

From Marvin "Ladies and Gentlemen ... !!"
   The Winston-Salem show was excellent of course! At 7pm, my wife and I met with the coliseum administrator lady to get info on the particulars of where to be and when, to prepare for my introduction of the band. At 7.30pm, David Lee Roth and band hit the stage. It was pretty much what one would expect. Dave was smile city and energetic and still jumping and kicking. The sound was muddy and a tad too loud (lots and lots of bass, bass that can blow dry your hair). I have experienced worse however. He was very entertaining and played the familiar Van Halen material. They encored with "Jump" and Dave got pretty amazing with a long silver martial arts stick doing some serious twirling.
   They ended on time at 8.30 and I met with the people involved with the intro process. ( A DJ from 94.5, a lady from the music academy where the auditions were held, and administor lady). From our meeting place at stage left we proceeded to the back stage hallway to find the bands' head of production. Walking by the catering lounge area I glanced over and there sat Paul in a blue plastic chair. I walked over and introduced myself and to say I would be intoducing the band. His first response was "I like the get-up man!" The "get-up" was a reference to my Paul Rodgers influenced attire! Seconds later the coliseum photographer (who I met with earlier) just happened to be walking by. I waved him over while talking with Paul. Paul graciously agreed to pose for a photo and then said "Let's get another!" This one was a handshake pose instigated by Paul. He had to "duck out" at that point. The whole thing was so UNEXPECTED and yet so cool!
   I was having a good night! I was totally free of any "butterflies" for the upcoming event. This was great because I wanted to have nothing but positive associations with the whole memorable evening.
   A few minutes later a road assistant escorted me to the foot of the stairs leading to the stage. From the top of the stairway another roadie yells down to me informing that in about two minutes I will follow their production guy who will guide me once I reach the stage. This whole experience is like any backstage footage you've ever seen in documentaries. High energy, fast paced ... a lot of simultaneous activity and intense conversation all around.
   Moments later I climb the stairs standing behind my guide rehearsing my line a few times. We take a few more steps and a now on stage level. There appears a guy with headsets to my left with intense instructions on "working the mike". I tell him I have radio experience and gives a quick nod of approval.
   The house lights are still up and the guide has me move in behind Paul's piano at stage left to wait. He informs the soundboard op (via his headset) that I will be on Boz's mike. He holds up a 1 minute cue as the houselights go down.
   The crowd is roaring as the band comes on stage as I wait for the spotlight which is my cue to introduce the band.When the spot light hits you cannot see much else. The introduction line is "Ladies and Gentlemen, Paul Rodgers ... Mick Ralphs ... Simon Kirke ... Boz Burrell. The Original ... BAD COMPANY !!" After I do Paul's name I pause and glance over and he is giving me this real encouraging look as if to say "YEAH YEAH YOUR DOIN' GREAT !!" I finish the intro as they open with Can't Get Enough!
   As the first chords of Can't Get Enough were being played for a brief moment (before I had to exit) I looked over at the band on a completely lit stage and i DID NOT want to leave! Of course I wasted no time and made my way back down the stairway where the roadie originally appointed to take me around backstage said "That's it!! Enjoy the rest of the show!" I returned to my "seat" and enjoyed the rest of Can't Get Enough. As per previous reviews pertaining to Paul's voice, he was in top form to say the least. The sound was not overbearing but loud enough to make an excellent impression.
   Paul was wearing an ultra cool martial arts type of "jacket". It was predominantly white with scattered red oriental symbols and yellow dragons along the front. This was over a black and white snakeskin-esque tank (Very Cool) "Rock Steady" followed "Ready for Love" and both had a heavier presentation than the studio versions. Paul did his signature ad libbing towards the end of "Ready..". "Shooting Star" and then an acoustic tune from Paul's CD "Now" were performed followed by Paul and Mick playing "Seagull". (Very Nice!)
   We also heard "Movin' On" and "Rock and Roll Fantasy" where Boz was "Layin Down Some Funk". "Hey Hey", "Hammer of Love" and "Tracking Down A Runaway" were also on the list. According to a friend this show was the same list as the Pay-Per View with the exception of "Live for the Music". The encore consisted of "Run With the Pack" and "Bad Company" with Paul on piano.
   The show was excellent in my opinion. The chemistry of the original four was definitely intact and they all appeared very happy with the evening as well as the audience response. Lots of smiles onstage and in the crowd!
   Following the show was the meet and greet session. In my first conversation with the administrator there were not going to be any backstage perks in addition to the introduction privilege. Persistence paid off with further inquiries to various backstage personnel. Ultimately the Promoter from Elektra Records came through by including Betsy (my wife) and myself on the meet and greet list. All of this occurred shortly after my Paul encounter prior to the show! (Are we there yet?)
   The Meet and Greet was another fine experience. The guys were all great and they all signed a photo of Paul from a 1974 Hit Parader Magazine as well as the cover with the entire band pictured. Mick was especially friendly. He immediately recognized me and had very kind words concerning the band intro. Moments later they were out of there on the way to DC.
   It was in fact a Perfect Night.

Orlando, Florida
May 21, 1999 - Hard Rock Live

From Major Matt
   For those of you who were not lucky enough to be there in person, I can only hope that you got a chance to see it on pay per view. The show was out of this world. My hat is off to Paul, Mick, Simon & Boz!! You guys were fantastic and I truly feel lucky to have seen you in Orlando. I hope you will come back and see us again. At the end of the show you brought out a sign that said eleven on one side and thanks on the other. Well, if I could take the liberty of all who were at the show, I would give you a twelve and thank you even more.
   Music has a magical quality about it that it brings you back in time, and every time I listen to your music, I am flooded with such great memories of my past. Special friends and places become so vivid in my mind and heart that I have to tell you. And with the release of the Anthology and the new songs recorded on it, I know I will have more music to put to the memories that are being made today. On behalf of all the Bad Company fans, thanks for everything.
   And as good as the new music sounds, we all hope you will record some more.

From Dawn-Marie AKA Boogie-Mama
   I attended the Orlando show in Florida. The trip was well worth it flying from beautiful Illinois. I waited to see the original line up of BAD CO since I was five and the dream was just a very breathtaking as well as spiritual. From the beginning to the very end, Rodgers gave everything he had into the show and then some. The energy between him and the fans showed as well as the pure enjoyment from both the band as well as their fans.
   A must see event...all the way from the first album material to the present newly recorded material for the ANTHOLOGY, Rodgers and the band still prove that they can keep the tune in the bucket and then some, and not to forget their faithful fans who have stood by them were truly amazed as well as left the concert fully satisfied wanting more. And they can still ROCK STEADY!!

Clearwater, Florida
May 15 & 16, 1999
Ruth Eckerd Hall

By the St. Petersburg Times
   Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy Lives On

By Billboard Online
   Fans "Can't Get Enough" Bad Company

From M & K
   Just got in from the Clearwater show, here's how I heard it: First, let me say this is the first time I have seen Bad Co. and it was worth the wait. I cannot imagine Paul Rogers voice sounding any finer in younger days. He sounds excellent!!
   Basically they did all the hits that we all know and love with some exceptions of course. Two of my personal favorites however were not done ( Silver, Blue & Gold & Call on me) so I must say I was not completely satisfied (greedy of me huh?). They did do about 4 or 5 new songs that were pretty good. From what I remember, they did: Run with the Pack, Honey Child, Young Blood, Feel Like Makin'Love, Shooting Star, Bad company, Rock N Roll Fantasy, Movin' On, Ready for Love, Can't get Enough, Rock Steady. The crowd was loving this show until the very end.

From Rose
   My husband and I saw Bad Company last night in Clearwater, Florida and they were outstanding. Paul Rodgers voice is as good as it ever was. The whole band was so polished, it was as though they had never stopped playing together. They played a variety of their "greatest hits" along with four new songs over a period of two hours and were thrilled to come back for an encore.
   The audience went nuts over them standing for most of the concert. I think the band was amazed at the response they got. The concert as a whole was quite an experience as the audience was such a diverse group of people all singing along to the songs that we all learned to love so well. A definite thumbs up for anyone considering going to see them.

From Robin
   I attended the concert last night at Ruth Eckerd Hall in Clearwater, FL. This was an AWESOME concert!!! They sounded great! The "light show" was a bit boring, but the music was true and classic Bad Co. The only thing I didn't like was that it was much too short!

   I just got back from opening night here in Clearwater. WOW!!!! As usual Paul just blew us off our feet. Today was my wife's birthday and Paul is her favorite in all the world. I had us tixs in the 12th row then a good friend got us third row for my wife then as the show went on there were two seats front and center so we saw most of the show up front.

From Bruce
   Damn, what a show! I find it jaw-dropping that Paul Rodgers' voice has actually improved over time. I didn't think it was possible. He nailed every note and improvised melody lines without a hitch. It was revolting how good he was. Simon was rock steady (ugh, forgive me), and Boz was quite enjoyable as well. 
   The opening notes of "Can't Get Enough," the first song of the evening. It was great to look at the crowd to see everybody smiling inanely.
   "Seagull" - It may have been a bit sloppy, but I wasn't expecting it at all. Mick and Paul then did an acoustic "Soul of Love" from Paul's "Now" album.
   "Run With the Pack" - A killer version. The outro was particularly fun, with Paul banging away on the piano.
   "Bad Company" - It's still a spooky song. When Mick Ralphs strapped on his Les Paul. I had read that Mick was strictly playing Fenders these days. I've got nothing against Gibsons, but the Telecaster he was playing was a bit shrill. The Paul sounded so buttery for the rockers of the Bad Company.
   "Movin' On" - Didn't expect it. A pleasant treat.
   "Youngblood" - Boz's low "Looky there's" were hysterical. Paul's guitar playing - Paul strapped on two acoustics and a Stratocaster, and his playing was quite nice, even took a solo or two. His tone was great.
   Tailgating by people who were reliving their glory stoner days. I mean when was last time you were in a parking lot, hearing the familiar strains of BOC, Pat Travers, Grand Funk, Free, and Humble Pie all competing with one another for aural space? Sigh, if only there were Firebirds and Trans Am's on hand (with the ubiquitous golden Phoenix on the hoods).

From Charlie
   Great show guys, I loved it. My wife and I sat seventh row dead center Saturday night. RUTH Eckerd hall Clearwater FL, best place in the USA! The Bad CO. band seemed to enjoy it as much as myself an everybody in the whole damn auditorium!!!!!!!

From Linda in Clearwater
   Hey Bad Co. Fans. As a resident of Clearwater, FL, I am happy to say I was at Bad Co.'s kick off show on May 15th. Of course the show was great. Paul was looking hot and his voice is incredible. They opened with "Can't Get Enough" and did two encores, but unfortunately, they were newer songs...I can't identify them!
   Of course they played the classics: "Rock Steady," "Ready For Love," "Shooting Star," and "Rock n' Roll Fantasy." In a brief acoustic set, he and Mick played "Seagull" (the second song was another newer one, sorry, I don't know it! I guess I'm stuck in the 70's, when I first saw them on their Run With The Pack tour).
   Paul was very accommodating to the audience; he bent over to kiss an eager female fan; the whole band was quite pleased with their reception at this smaller venue (2,175 seats). I saw them on Saturday, and today on Monday my voice is still hoarse!

From John in Tampa
   I attended both shows in Clearwater. The band was in great shape, a little looser the second night. The set list was fairly simple and about the same both nights.
   The set opened with Can't Get Enough and ended with Rock N Roll Fantasy. Encores were Hammer of Love and Hey Hey, both new songs. They also played Tracking Down a Runaway about a third of the way in the set. Paul Rodgers played a Strat on Tracking Down... and Hammer of Love. Honey Child was the 2nd song played on the first night and on the second night, it appeared later in the set. The crowd was on its feet from the opening strains of Can't Get Enough until about 3-4 songs in the set when Ready for Love was played.
   After this, Paul and Mick played two songs together on acoustic guitar. First up was a great version of Seagull followed by Soul of Love off Paul's solo album. After a few more songs, Paul played on a baby grand and did Run with the Pack and Bad Company. Paul was superb on piano. The Coaster's song Youngblood was played both nights along with FM radio favorites Feel Like Makin Love and Shooting Star.
   I wish they played songs like Silver, Blue and Gold, Burnin Sky, Electricland, Deal with the Preacher and their other new song, Ain't It Good. One thing I know, long time fans won't be disappointed. The band played great, just a little too short for me. Also, it was great to see Boz and Simon playing so well after all these years. Everyone enjoy the shows!
[John, thanks for the link to the St. Petersburg Times.]

From Steve in Tampa
   I went to the Clearwater, Florida show at Ruth Eckert Hall (sunday show) it was great but sort of short around 70-90 minutes (not sure exactly how long.) I guess that when you're having fun time goes by quickly.
   My take on the concert is that Paul Rodgers has not lost anything, his voice is everything it always was and he's a great performer/showman. I love that guy. Simon Kirke seemed pumped and performed just fine, Boz Burrel sort of just stood there like he was in a trance but cranked out the bass licks just fine. Mick Ralphs looked like he was having fun and played most everything really good but not really stellar to me. He looked as if he was really working at it.
   Anyway, just my opinion and again I thought the whole show overall was one of the best events I have been to in years. I would have loved to hear "Silver, Blue and Gold" but everybody has a few they could add to that list. I would go again tomorrow if they played another show here.

From Rob in New Hampshire
   I could tell you that Bad Company looked and sounded really great when I saw them on Sunday night in Clearwater, but if you've already read the other reviews, you already know that.
   What really made the night special for me was what happened after the show. I wandered behind the building where a small group was gathering for a chance to meet the band and get a few autographs. While waiting, I met some really cool people (you know who you are). Simon was the first one we saw. He was very pleasant to talk to as he graciously signed autographs. Mick came out next and proceeded toward the gate in a red convertible, when a smart fan begged "Please Mick, I have everyone's autograph but yours!" This caused him to park the car and stay a while. Just then Paul came out and made his way across the parking lot. It didn't take much to convince him to stay and sign some autographs. Paul wanted to hear some feedback from the fans. "What did you think of the new songs?" he asked as he signed another autograph. Of course we responded by telling him that they sounded great!
   Like the concert, the autograph session ended too soon. I never did see Boz. He must have slipped out a side door or something. The concert was awesome, and certainly worth the trip from NH. I'm very pleased that I had the opportunity to meet some of the most talented musicians, and I'll never forget it! KEEP ON ROCKIN'!!! [I too wish they played songs like "Silver, Blue and Gold", "Burning Sky", and "Gone, Gone, Gone"]


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