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Many thanks for your letter. The FREE APPRECIATION SOCIETY was established in 1979 when I started doing small runs of Free and Back Street Crawler tee shirts for friends. I eventually advertised these in the national music press and slowly a newsletter began to evolve to keep everybody in touch. At the time there was very little information on what anyone in the ex-Free camp was doing so I started making enquiries and over a period of time the small newsletter became a magazine full of news not only on things Paul, Simon & Andy are doing but also with information on all the people involved in the Free related bands. The magazine now runs to a minimum of 40 pages (A5) and so far the biggest issue (58) has had a bumper 60 pages ! It has no scheduled print dates (it's not monthly or bi-monthly. It's out when it's ready !) but averages between 4 and 6 issues a year. We've run articles on all Free time periods and also large features on Back Street Crawler, Sharks, Peace, Crawler, Toby, The Firm, Bad Company, Beckett, Paul Kossoff and Rabbit. Recently we've been following closely the solo career of Paul Rodgers. Issues from issue 100 have been in colour.

The magazine includes news items, impending releases world wide, re-releases world wide, album reviews, in depth articles, cuttings from all bands and periods 1968 to the present, interviews, photographs, collectors information and bootleg reviews. There are also plenty of competitions with some excellent prizes. Recently we've given away copies of the Complete Stadium ELP/Free 3CD bootleg set from Japan along with albums by The Black Crowes, Rabbit, and copies of the excellent Mott The Hoople book 'All The Young Dudes'. We also occasionally offer subscriber's excellent quality tee shirts and sweatshirts, posters, photographic prints, badges. Even some specialist books ! There is also a wide selection of 'live' tapes available at very reasonable prices along with offers of CD's and videos. Money from all these things helps keep the magazine running and subscription costs down. How do you know when your subscription has run out - no problem - you'll get a reminder with your last issue.

You'll find full subscription details below. For those who require a large amount of FREE related reading material RIGHT NOW we offer a sub that includes five or more back issues at a discount This is how it works. On a standard subscription you'll get the new issue + 4 further issues in the future. The Five+Five subscription covers five previous issues + the new one (running back in order when possible) and then a further 4 issues. So if the new issue is No 101 (July 2003) you'll get that and also 100, 99, 98, 97 & 96 in your first pack followed by 102, 103, 104 & 105 as they come out. It also saves you money on back issues! This offer is subject to the availability of each issue obviously but at the moment there are no problems. If one issue does sell out it will be substituted with the next available one. So if 98 has sold out you'll get 95 as a substitute, and so on.

To give you a taster of the magazines here's what we've covered in previous issues.

Issue 103: (January 2004) Colour Issue -- 40 pages
30th Anniversary issue of Paul Kossoff's only solo album, BACK STREET CRAWLER. Features an in depth analysis along with the UK press surrounding it's release and the original cover shots presented as taken for the first time, and in full colour. Also includes reviews of the complete Mott The Hoople Island remasters, The 'Deepest End' Gov't Mule 2CD & DVD set, and Carl Dunn's excellent book of Rock photographs, including pictures of Free and Bad Company.

Issue 102: (September 2003) Colour Issue -- 40 pages
Huge issue dedicated to the guitars owned by Paul Kossoff. Information on 24 is featured, and the majority of these also have photographic accompaniment, with many colour photographs not seen before. This is the largest article ever compiled on Kossoff's guitar collection and the magazine also features some of the press features on his guitars for the 'specialist' guitar magazines.

Issue 101: (July 2003) Colour Issue -- 44 pages
30th Anniversary of BROKEN ARROWS, Rabbit's first solo album. This mag includes a detailed look at the album, and also a long exclusive interview with Rabbit especially for this issue detailing with the recording of it, and talking about the individual tracks.

Issue 100: (May 2003) First COLOUR issue -- 40 pages
30th Anniversary of FIRST WATER by Sharks with a large article, reader's contributions, and lots of reproduced press for the album from 1973. Also in this issue are reviews of new Geoff Whitehorn & Eddie Baird, plus new bootlegs from Paul Rodgers, Bad Company, Back Street Crawler, and Crawler.

Issue 99: (March 2003) -- 40 pages
Second Part of our 30th Anniversary HEARTBREAKER issue. A number of reader's articles, including some long pieces on the album. A interview with Paul Rodgers about his solo career and the reformed Bad Company. 2002 UK Bad Company tour analysis.

Issue 98: (January 2003) -- 40 pages
30th Anniversary of HEARTBREAKER with the ultimate article on the history of the album. Detailed analysis of the music, and lots of press from the period. New album from Mick Ralphs reviewed along with new bootlegs from FREE, Bad Company and Paul Rodgers. Free promoter tells all - Geoff Docherty book reviewed, and recommended!!

Issue 97: (December 2002) -- 40 pages
A review of the unreleased album by The Law and the new Crawler CD 'Demology' along with reviews of the recent Bad Company UK tour and readers features on the 30th Anniversary of the Heartbreaker album. Also features new bootleg CD and DVD releases.

Issue 96: (August 2002) -- 40 pages
FREE in Japan 1971 with many new pictures and a translated interview with Andy Fraser. Free At Last & KKTR 30th Anniversary articles round up, featuring the last of the readers features on these classic albums. Reviews of new Bad Company & Paul Rodgers bootlegs along with Bad Company & Roger Waters DVD's, Geoff Whitehorn video tutorial and the 'Jam Along With Paul Kossoff tab book & CD.

Issue 95: (June 2002) -- 40 pages
30th Anniversary of Free At Last. Features, articles and album reappraisal along with reviews and press reproduction from the time. The Ultimate Free At Last issue.



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