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Free Again
By Pete Foster
There are a few Free/Bad Company tribute bands going around, including Free Again, who are trying to keep the spirit of Free going. Free Again were playing locally recently and I decided to check them out a few times. The guys played some early Free (Trouble on Double Time, Woman, Fire and Water and Mr Big - nice bass solo) later Free (Catch a Train and Wishing Well) and some Bad Company (Can't Get Enough, Rock Steady and Deal with the Preacher) amongst others. The overall feel of the band is very good and if you close your eyes....
They are all good musicians in their own right and play Free numbers with passion, enthusiasm and flair trying to capture the essence of Free. Each member of the band was influenced by Free and enjoys playing their music, trying to both emulate the distinctive sound of Free and at the same time incorporating their own ch&acteristic style in the songs.
I enjoyed the music immensely, each member of the band bringing back memories of years gone by. The band were very tight and are beginning to bring there own personal touches to the music, adding texture, feeling and colour.
They have a regular following in the local area and deservedly so. They are always looking for more gigs and are prepared to travel a good distance if the package is right and the audiences are appreciative. Anyone out there want to see them in their area?
Do yourselves a favour and check them out, you'll not be disappointed.

The Grey Horse
10 January 1998
By Richie-Fingers & Huma
In 1970, FREE shook the Isle Of Wight, where the 500,000 festival goers witnessed the band's finest hour. In January 1998, FREE AGAIN played to a crowd of 50 people at the Grey Horse, Kingston-on-Thames. This may be a world away from the real Rodgers, Kossoff, Fraser and Kirke but many present-day rock fans never got a chance to experience the founding line-up, more's the pity! But Steve Logan and Posse managed to fire up a blues-fuelled cocktail of FREE numbers ranging from their early rumblings to their later festival-rocking 'All Right Now' days. Any FREE fan would have had F.A. to complain about as the boys struck a good balance between the early days ('Ride on Pony' 'Oh I Wept', 'I'm a Mover', 'Woman', 'I'll be Creepin') through to later material ('Catch a Train', 'Be my friend' and Bad Company's 'Feel like makin' love', 'Shooting Star' and 'Rock Steady').
Steve Logan has set himself the difficult task of trying to follow in the almost sacred footsteps of ('Mr Big') Paul Rodgers, a feat almost as difficult as the old walking on (Fire and) Water trick. But he moved me! I even dug his groovy flares, man, which he wore proudly along with an equally credible voice and attitude. This was backed up by a solid and very musical rhythm section. Justin Hildreth walked a fine line between timing and feel as he beat his drum kit up and seemed to get it just tight enough to let Steve Gaunt on bass demonstrate his ear and natural resonance.It was good to feel those sub-tones. Jim Bird's Les Paul came through very clearly. His pure tone and technique just reeked of Koss.
Bands like 'The Australian Doors', 'T.Rexstacy' and Cambridge's own 'FREE AGAIN' may not always be the critics' flavour of the week; yet retro-rockers 'The Black Crowes' and 'Ocean Colour Scene' have proved that there is a huge demand for 'Back to Basics' rock bands. This is because their music is possibly more faithful to its roots in the blues. Some of us are tired of the over-processed sounds that seem to block up our arteries. We want our music a bit more organic!
FREE AGAIN may get dissected by some anorak FREE fans about the length of their hair but they would be missing the point by about a mile! I 'Can't Get Enough' of their sound, so I for one would beg them to carry on 'Stealin'' and take us back to when things were a simpler and cleaner - back to those sweet Summers of Love, baby!
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