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Original Bad Company
Bi-Lo Center - Greenville South Carolina
July 15, 1999

Review by Lucy Piller

I attended this concert with my dear friend Tim White (lead guitarist of the band BLUES CAT). We wanted to leave early and take our time and enjoy the 2-3 hour drive from Atlanta. We arrived at the one year old venue around 6pm, met up with some friends from the website Steve and his sister. I had hoped for backstage passes but it did not work this time around. We had great seats, all of us, but when BC came on everyone dashed to the front anyway.

First came on David Lee Roth. Now I am not a DLR fan nor a Van Halen fan. I know they are good but I never did get into them. He was in fact very entertaining, but being so close to the stage his bulging pants were bothering me. Especially when he would grab his ........ He sang well and was in great shape. Oh well the fans were still loving him so good luck to him.

I met some really nice fans at the gig. Many of them coming from Atlanta too.

Then it was time for THE band. They looked good and started right into "Cant get enough". If any of you saw the Orlando pay per view show, you remember someone had thrown a bra onto the stage. Well I decided to do the same. I found a tiger patterned bra a few days previous and thought, "Aha, our dear Paul would get a kick out of seeing this style." He saw it on the stage, picked it up and laughed, he even put it on around his chest!!!! Cannot remember the song list I'm afraid, I was enjoying the show too much to write things down. If you read the review by Tim he talks more about which songs they played.

The venue holds about 11,000 but I would imagine there were around 7,000 there. Nice place indeed. Must go again sometime. Lots of nice t-shirts and mug holders, also keyrings and stickers. I spent too much money there, but hey when will we ever see them tour again??? Who knows????

A great evening as expected. Time is running out, guys. If you live on the West Coast, make sure you get tickets for the hottest show in town.


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